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Spelltongue [WM1]
Rapier spelltongue icon.png
Equipment slot
Weapon type
305 Copper pands (cp)
Combat type
0.35 sec (Weak)
9-13 Pierce
Weapon bonuses
Possible enchantments
Weapon focus
Weapon ID

Spelltongue is a unique rapier in Pillars of Eternity, added in The White March - Part I expansion.

Description[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.
Spelltongue was first forged in Rauatai as a dueling weapon, and it has changed hands dozens of times since then. Its forked tip, undulating blade, and blue coloration made it a quick favorite among novices whose confidence often outpaced their skill.

It was most recently won by Matapa, a young woman from one of the wealthy aumaua families of Tongira. With the blade in hand, she declared to her parents that she would take Spelltongue and seek her fortune in Tâkowa as a duelist. Her parents attempted to dissuade her, but her resolve became clear, and they eventually offered their reluctant congratulations and threw a great feast in her honor.

After Matapa had drunk her fill of wine and gorged herself on buttered lobster and sea snails in cream, her mother challenged her to a duel. Matapa laughed, but her mother promised her that, if she won, she would receive half of her family's fortune the next morning. If she lost, she would surrender Spelltongue without complaint. Matapa regarded her mother, a petite woman - by aumaua standards - with little combat experience. She accepted and the duel began, Matapa brandishing Spelltongue and her mother armed with a wooden practice sword.

Matapa's mother was nimble, and Matapa's thrusts and ripostes were quick but sloppy. Her mother led her around the feast table and into the darkened courtyard, where Matapa tripped. Falling, Matapa ran Spelltongue through her mother's thigh even as the older woman held her wooden sword to the younger woman's neck. The onlookers declared the duel a tie, and Matapa received her inheritance at the cost of her prized sword. Matapa's parents quietly sold the blade to a merchant bound for Dyrwood, and Matapa, sobered by her loss, abandoned her ambitions as a duelist and instead became a successful playwright.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]