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A Spell is an active magical ability that may be tied to a character's class or certain items. There is a variety of spell types:

  • Druid spell – Spells, used by a druid.
  • Priest spell – Spells, used by a priest.
  • Wizard spell – Spells, used by a wizard.
  • Power – Powers are spell like abilities, used by a cipher.
  • Invocation – Invocations are spell like abilities, used by a chanter.
  • Scroll – Scrolls can contain spells, but are destroyed in the casting process.
  • Spellbind – A specific spell can be bound to an item – such as weapons, armor, clothing and accessories –, allowing the wearer of the equipped item to cast the spell a certain number of times per rest. The casting uses can be recharged by resting.
  • Spell Holding – Items also can "hold" a spell, that automatically goes off when the wearer of the equipped item is hit with a Critical Hit.
  • Spell Striking – A variant of the former holding is "striking" for weapons, where the spell goes off automatically when the wielder of the weapon lands a Crit on a target himself (1/encounter).