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Soulbound items are a special class of weapons/armors/shields that was first introduced in Pillars of Eternity: The White March - Part I.

General[edit | edit source]

Soulbound items can not be enchanted by the player, but they can be leveled up multiple times when they have been bound to a character. Each new level grants more enchantments and background information about the item. Leveling up is done by completing specific goals - such as killing or dealing damage to a certain type of enemy with the soulbound weapon. The item can only be used by the character it's bound to, and might only be usable by certain classes. The upgrades for the item can differ depending on the soulbound character's class. If the bond is severed, the item reverts back to its original unleveled state.

They have a larger information window that includes a pen and ink style illustration of the item.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Soulbound weapons are always implicit beneficiaries of various weapon Talents and Abilities: Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, Weapon Mastery, The Pallid Hand, Inspired Flame, Hope Eternal, Prey on the Weak, and Incomprehensible Revelation.

Image Name Item type Damage Enhancements Locations
Gyrd Háewanes Sténes Scepter 10‑16 → 12‑18

Soulbound item:

Reward for A Call to Court task from Chancellor Warrin in Ducal Palace, First Fires, Defiance Bay

Stormcaller [WM1] Hunting bow 13‑20 → 15‑22

Soulbound item:

Stormcaller will form once two its components are found:

  1. Silver Arrow from an injured Winter Wolf, Russetwood
  2. Unstrung Bow from the top of the Battery Watchtower, Durgan's Battery
Nightshroud [WM1] Mace 14‑21 → 16‑23

Soulbound item:

[WM1] Found in the Hall of Remembrance in The Mines, Durgan's Battery.

Greenstone Staff [WM1] Quarterstaff 18‑26 → 20‑29

Soulbound item:

[WM1] Bone pile near the Dwarven Watchtower in Longwatch Falls

St. Ydwen's Redeemer [WM1] Great sword 18‑26 → 20‑29

Soulbound item:

[WM1] Dropped by Urthal, North of Galvino's house, Durgan's Battery

The Grey Sleeper [WM1] Estoc 16‑23 → 20‑29

Soulbound item:

[WM1] Pulled from a stone pedestal at the Dwarven Ruins in Longwatch Falls

The Unlabored Blade [WM2] Dagger 13‑19 → 12‑17 → 10‑15 → 9‑13 → 6‑9 → 15‑21

Soulbound item:

  • None

[WM2] Reward for Iron and Flame side quest

Steadfast [WM2] Sword 14‑21 → 16‑23

Soulbound item:

[WM2] Looted or received as a reward from Adaryc, the commander of the Iron Flail Fort

Abydon's Hammer [WM2] War hammer 22‑31 → 23‑33

Soulbound item:

[WM2] Forged in The White Forge during the quest Lair of the Eyeless

Twin Sting [WM2] Crossbow 23‑34 → 26‑38
  • Shoots twice before it needs to be reloaded

Soulbound item:

[WM2] Sold by Hamond in Hamond's Emporium, Stalwart Village

Shields[edit | edit source]

Image Name Item type Deflection Enhancements Locations
Dragon's Maw Shield [WM2] Medium shield 20 → 24

Soulbound item:

[WM2] Looted from Elder Skuldrak in West Tower Upper, Durgan's Battery

Armors[edit | edit source]

Image Name Item type Base
Enhancements Locations
Ryona's Breastplate [WM2] Breastplate 14

Soulbound item:

[WM2] Corpse on isolated pedestal, NW of Whitestone Hollow

In-game Description[edit | edit source]

Soulbound items are unique items that can magically bond with the soul of a single character. Once bound, the weapon can only be used by that character unless the bond is severed. A soulbound item will increase in power as the wielder completes certain requirements specified in the item's description.

Most soulbound items can only bond with characters of certain classes. However, regardless of the item's type, a soulbound item always qualifies for any Talents or Abilities like Weapon Focus and Specialization that the character may have. E.g. if a fighter has Weapon Focus and Specialization in Ruffian, he or she would gain their benefits even when wielding a soulbound great sword or wand. Benefits from multiple Talents or Abilities of the same type (e.g. Weapon Focus Ruffian and Peasant) do not stack.

If the bond to a soulbound item is ever severed, it will lose all of the abilities it has gained over time.