Songs of the Wild

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Songs of the Wild
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Songs of the Wild is a Task in Pillars of Eternity.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Delem is located in Oldsong, down the double stairs in front of The Maw. He asks you to find 3 rare songbirds.

  • Cloudsinger songbird is located at the bottom right of the Temple of Hylea.
  • Shardwing songbird is located in Elmshore in a bush beneath the adra arch.
  • Tiam songbird is located in Twin Elms Hearthsong in the northern Glafanthan Home on the right. Inside is Llensî. When you try to take the bird in the box she will stop you, and you can ask her about Delem's superstition. You can get the bird with a 14 intelligence ([Deceptive], but not enough to earn a rank on its own) by telling her it should go free (no change in reputation with Twin Elms), or with 12 resolve ([Cruel]) to back up a threat (Moderate reputation decrease with Twin Elms, which is however offset by a Moderate reputation *increase* with Twin Elms for obtaining the bird). You can also get the bird by attacking Llensî or looting the chest (she becomes hostile when you take the contents, even if you're not spotted) with no apparent consequences.

When returning the birds to Delem in Oldsong, you can do several stats/class checks to convince him not to eat them:

  • If you have talked to Llensî, you can dissuade Delem with a 4 Survival check. Having talked to Onŵen will also work, even without the check. You will still lose any birds in your inventory, and you will earn a Minor reputation decrease with Twin Elms, but 8400 exp.
  • Choosing the Chanter class check also gives you a Minor reputation decrease with Twin Elms and 8400 exp.
  • Giving Delem the birds, will reward you with the talent Song of the Heavens (+1 perception, +2 shock damage reduction), a Major reputation increase – as opposed to the above option – with Twin Elms and 8400 exp.
    • While handing over the birds, you have the option to convince him not to eat them: each of the three checks – 14 resolve, 13 intelligence and 14 perception – allows you to spare one bird. However, the "pet" can be spared without any check, leaving only two checks to pass for sparing them all. The reward is the same, regardless of the birds' fate.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Even if you convince Delem not to eat any of the birds, when you speak to him after completing the quest he says "Pardon me, feels like there's a beak in there still putting up a fight."

Journal[edit | edit source]