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  • Quiet Slave
  • The Queen's Slave
  • The Schemer
  • The Effigy
  • Defiance
  • Secret Hatred
  • Covert Plots
  • Resentment
  • Envy
  • Violent Rebellion
  • A small human effigy, crafted from simple materials, but always with shards of a blackstone as eyes
  • Decayed animal with the eyes replaced by blackstone
Favored behaviour
  • Cruel
  • Deceptive
Condemned behaviour
  • Aggressive
  • Benevolent

Skaen, known also as the Quiet Slave, is the god of secret hatred, resentment, and violent rebellion. He is usually depicted as a small, bald man covered in lash scars whose ears and nose have been cut off. He appears outwardly submissive, with downcast eyes. However, his eyes glitter black with quiet hatred, and his fist is clenched. He is known to manifest in a horrific incarnation known as the Effigy to followers desperate enough to perform certain unspeakable rites. In Dyrwood, Skaen’s faithful often double as torturers and executioners, delighting in the fall of high-status prisoners.[1]

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Effigy's Resentment[edit | edit source]

In the area Dyrford Ruins (see Blood Legacy) you can sacrifice one of your companions to Skaen at the blood pool in exchange for gaining Effigy's Resentment talent Doing this will grant you a permanent +1 to an attribute and a bonus to one or multiple defensive types but kill the companion. Does not work with player defined adventurers. The bonus you receive depends on which companion you choose to sacrifice. It will be listed as Effigy's Resentment in your character screen.


  • Your main character needs to have at least 1 Cruel Disposition.
  • You can only sacrifice a companion that is currently in your party.

Once you have passed the first dialog option screen with the souls in the pool you cannot exit and re-enter it to change your party composition. After dialog the pool will stay silent. However, you do not have to do this the first time you come across the black pool, and can come back to it any time - even in act 3. To save it for later, do not interact (reach out) to the pool when prompted.

Companion Attribute bonus (+1) Secondary bonus
Aloth Intellect +5 Reflex
Durance Constitution +5% maximum Endurance
Eder Might +2 Deflection
Grieving Mother Resolve +5 Defense against Charmed and Dominated attacks
Hiravias Dexterity +1 Damage Reduction: Slash
Kana Rua Intellect +5 Defense against Prone and Hobbled attacks
Pallegina Resolve +1 Damage Reduction: Shock
Sagani Perception +2 Accuracy when attacking same target as an ally
Devil of Caroc [WM1] Dexterity +1 Damage Reduction bypass
Zahua [WM1] Constitution +15% Drug effect duration
Maneha [WM2] Might +10 Defense against Prone and Stunned attacks

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