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A scripted interaction

Scripted interactions are story sequences told through the use of on-screen text descriptions, illustrations, and sounds. They are used to emphasis events, and offer different choices to solve an event outside the typical realms of combat and person-to-person dialogue. The options often require character attribute and skill checks e.g. Physical options like bullying with a strength stat or stealing with dexterity[1][2][3] These checks are sometimes for the character interacting with the scene, and other times for the whole party. Characters can become injured by being below the threshold of an attribute or skill check in a scripted interaction.[3]

Josh Sawyer: Because this is all taking place in imagination land, it can be whatever we feel fits with that. The player could use their strength to push over a statue. Or there’s a lock. The lock is to move the statue out of the way. If you have a high mechanic skill, you can pick that lock. If you don’t, a guy with high strength can just take the statue and be like, ‘EAAARRRGH!’ and just shove it. We want to make it feel like, if you were sitting at a table with a DM, you’d say, ‘Hey, my dude has 20 strength. I want to fuckin’ push that thing over.’ That’s the great thing about scripted interactions or dialogues that allow you to do that. You can just say, ‘Sure, yep, okay!’ Because it’s more about the description and your imagination, not about, ‘Oh, we have to animate this.’[4]

Scripted interaction Items[edit | edit source]

In some interactions you can use an item to get what you want. Those items are consumed if they are used and can either make a skill check easier or are needed to get the best result. You can either find them in the world or buy them. Other times you can use quest items like keys in scripted interactions. Known items:

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