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AR_0404_Brackenbury_Sanitarium_01 (lobby)
AR_405_Brackenbury_Sanitarium_02 (basement)

The Sanitarium is a building in Brackenbury that houses patients suffering afflictions of the soul, and animancers that research them. Animancers inhabited here also form an independent faction of a kind in Defiance Bay.

Main Plot Influence[edit | edit source]

Sanitarium animancers present themselves during the animancy hearings at the Ducal Palace, which player attends during The Hermit of Hadret House main quest. Through their representative Ramir di Barrasc, animancers are trying to convince Duc Aevar Wolf-Grin to allow research of animancy in Defiance Bay.

Important NPCs[edit | edit source]

  • Ethelmoer – In the main lobby. He is the head warden, and transferred his soul to a statue in order to preserve his life.
  • Caedman Azo – An animancer on the bottom floor in the patient ward. He performs experiments on many of the patients. You must gain access to this section from Ethelmoer before you can speak with him.
  • Bellasege – An animancer from the Vailian Republics who specializes in Awakenings. She is part of the quest Two-Sided.
  • Moedred – An animancer involved in the quest A Voice from the Past.
  • Nans – Found in the main hall during Clandestine Cargo. She will buy Engwithan scepter parts from you, or construct a scepter from them.
  • Ramir di Barrasc – Representative of Sanitarium animancers during the animancy hearings at the Ducal Palace.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Notable Loot[edit | edit source]

  • Blaidh Golan - In a locked chest in Azo's room. Taking it does not count as stealing.

Hidden Stashes/Objects[edit | edit source]

These require scouting mode to be enabled to see

  • In a crate in the eastern corner of the patient wards.