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Safe Haven
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Act 2
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Rescue Saeda

Safe Haven is a task in Pillars of Eternity.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Upon exploring Valtas Manor you witness a strange scene, a group of three undead family members imploring someone called Saeda to come out and join them. Their intentions are obvious, but... Just where is Saeda?

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The quest starts in Heritage Hill when you enter Valtas Manor and encounter the undead Valtas family. Witness them calling out to Saeda, and slay them.

You can find various clues within the manor:

  • In the room in which Saeda had barricaded herself to keep her family from eating her, you'll notice a hole in the wall through which she has apparently escaped.
  • In the bedroom, a locked chest contains Lord Valtas' Will which mentions the family mausoleum.
  • You'll also find a note addressed to the household staff reminding them that the mausoleum key always hangs in the kitchen by the oven.
  • But if you check the kitchen, you'll find that the key is missing.

From these clues you should be able to piece together that Saeda has fled to the family mausoleum. (And in fact if you don't play on Expert Mode, the quest journal outright tells you to go there next.)

Go to the (previously unenterable) Valtas Mausoleum in the east of Heritage Hill, and enter. Speak to Saeda. There are two ways to resolve the quest:

  • Send her to safety:
If you haven't already cleared the path between the mausoleum and the district gate, now is the time to do so. Once her escape path is cleared, tell her to flee. This completes the quest.
You can optionally meet her at the gate to gain major positive reputation with both the Knights of the Crucible and Defiance Bay. Note: if the two crucible knights at the gate are dead, you'll have to rush to her quickly before she leaves the map to get this rep. Afterwards, she can be found at Crucible Keep.
  • Send her to her death:
If the quest Undying Heritage is active and you've already spoken to Aldhelm, you can trick Saeda into going to the top of the tower, where Aldhelm will kill and devour her. It should be noted, if you have Grieving Mother in your party this will fail her quest line and she will leave your party.