Sacred Skin

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Sacred Skin
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1 turns
15% (not shared)
150-300 Copper pands (cp)

Sacred Skin is an off-screen companion adventure in Pillars of Eternity.

In-game description[edit | edit source]

The pitch:

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.
Scouts from the Twice-Split Arrows tribe claim that a deranged elven druid stormed into one of Eir Glanfath's smaller western ruins and absconded with the hide of an enormous bear that the tribe hunted down five generations ago.

The tribe of outcasts has been unable to locate the druid and they have received no help from their fellow Glanfathans.

The conclusion:

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.
The Twice-Split Arrows gave [Companion Name] enough information to pursue the crazed druid into the forests north of Dyrford. Conversation with the druid was difficult, as her emotions shifted quickly and without warning, often violently.

[Companion Name] eventually pieced together that her soul had been Awakened while she was in the process of spiritshifting. Her Awakened soul became obsessed with recovering and retaining the bear hide he had hunted generations ago. In the end, the druid attacked [Companion Name] and some Dyrford locals and was killed in the subsequent melee.

The Twice-Split Arrows were grateful for the return of the bear hide and saddened by how the ordeal had ended. They gave [Companion Name] a pair of finely made hunting boots as a parting gift.