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The White March - Part I
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Russetwood is a wilderness area west of Stalwart Village, added into game in The White March - Part I expansion.

Background[edit | edit source]

A vast stretch of wilderness in the White March and home to the Flame-That-Whispers ogre clan.

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

  • Just to the south is a wounded wolf. You need Charm Beast, be a chanter, have the Field Triage talent, or 16 Resolve to interact with it and remove the hunter's arrow from its wound. Otherwise, the only option is to attack and kill it. You receive a silver arrow in return for the effort.
  • To the southeast is the Russetwood crater, with a feral druid and several wolves to the west. Just beyond a small rocky outcropping is a hunter's camp, where, after sparing the druid wolf in the cave to the north, you can find the hunter's totem needed to bring back Thyrsc's son.
  • Defala and her group of slave trackers can be found in a clearing in the center of the area. Just north of her is the ice patch where Qexetl dumps the Giftbearer trinkets (see Regrets Worth Trading for details).
  • To the soutwest lies an abandoned camp with a soul and a hidden rock containing the tattered map. Interact with the soul to meet archmage Ninagauth.
  • In the north-western corner is Felisa with her band of cannibals. Just north of that area is the entrance to the encampment of the crag ogres: Flames-That-Whisper caverns. The overlook has a half-buried crate with supplies.
  • Greyjaw is an unique bear boss in the clearing just next to the entrance to the caves. The bodies have a journal page on them and the Coil of Resourcefulness.
  • Next to it is a clearing with the wolf cave. The cave itself is small and contains Suldrun spiritshifted into a wolf (see The Hunter's Favor for details). The far side has Curoc's Brand on a corpse frozen to the wall.
  • In the northeastern corner are several encounters, including Vamrel, a pale elf struggling with an ogre slave, with a body buried in a landslide further north (pilfer it for a pair of Boots of Speed), and a shrine to Galawain in the extreme north-eastern corner.
  • If you have the bounty, Laenric will spawn near the northeastern corner.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Notable loot[edit | edit source]

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