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Disambig.png This article is about rogue abilities in Pillars of Eternity. For rogue abilities in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, see Rogue abilities (Deadfire).

The following is a list of rogue abilities in Pillars of Eternity. For more information see the Rogue class page.

List of abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Acquirable
at level
Activation Speed Duration Effects Description
Rogue passive icon.png Sneak Attack 1 Passive Uses the rogue's ability to approach unseen, adding weapon damage to their attacks when the target is Blinded, Flanked, Hobbled, Paralyzed, Petrified, Prone, Stuck, Stunned, or Weakened, as well as when any target is struck within two seconds of combat starting.
Blinding strike icon.png Blinding Strike 1 Active Average 10.0 seconds A dirty attack that makes the opponent unable to see. Inflicts extra damage and Blinds the target.
Crippling strike icon.png Crippling Strike 1 Active Average 10.0 seconds The rogue attacks his or her enemy's ability to move around effectively, inflicting extra damage to and Hobbling any enemy successfully hit.
Rogue passive icon.png Dirty Fighting 3 Passive The rogue employs a variety of underhanded tactics, turning some of their Hits into Critical Hits.
Escape icon.png Escape 3 Active Fast 10.0 seconds
  • +25 Deflection
  • +25 Reflex
Allows the rogue to break Engagement and expertly avoid the next attack, diving out of range to a specific location and granting a temporary defense bonus.
Reckless assault icon.png Reckless Assault 3 Modal Instant
  • -8 Deflection
  • +8 Melee Accuracy
  • +20% Melee Damage
Causes the rogue to dive into battle without a second thought, lowering his or her Deflection but increasing Accuracy and weapon damage.
Rogue passive icon.png Deep Wounds 5 Passive 10.0 seconds
  • Target: 3 Raw damage per 3 seconds
Expertise in the art of pain leads all Slash, Pierce, and Crush damage caused by the rogue to also do Raw Damage over time.
Finishing blow icon.png Finishing Blow 5 Active Average The rogue looks to finish off an injured opponent with a precise, deadly strike that increases in damage the less Endurance the target has.
Rogue passive icon.png Riposte 5 Passive The rogue looks for openings to counterattack in combat. Incoming melee attacks that target Deflection and Miss or Graze have a chance of allowing an instant Full Attack Riposte. Only active with melee weapons equipped.
Rogue passive icon.png Adept Evasion 7 Passive
  • Self: +75% of incoming Grazes converted to Misses when defended by Reflex
  • Self: +50% of incoming Hits converted to Grazes when defended by Reflex
The rogue becomes especially skillful at dodging attacks, converting many Reflex Hits to Grazes.
Coordinated positioning icon.png Coordinated Positioning 7 Active Fast
  • Switches position with one nearby target
  • Cancels Engagement if in effect
In one quick move, the rogue instantly switches positions with one nearby target, canceling Engagement if in effect. Automatic when targeting an ally, otherwise must Hit vs. an enemy's Reflex.
Rogue passive icon.png Persistent Distraction [WM2] 7 Passive Whenever the rogue is contributing to the Flanked affliction on a target, the victim is also Distracted.
Fearsome strike icon.png Fearsome Strike 9 Active Average 15.0 seconds The rogue attempts to greatly hinder an opponent by targeting areas crucially important to their ability to fight, inflicting extra damage as well as Weakening and Hobbling the target.
Withering strike icon.png Withering Strike 9 Active Average 10.0 seconds The rogue aims for a vital area, inflicting extra damage and Weakening the target.
Rogue passive icon.png Deathblows 11 Passive Allows the rogue to size up a target's battlefield position, making Sneak Attack more effective when the target is afflicted by two or more conditions that allow a Sneak Attack.
Smoke cloud icon.png Smoke Cloud [WM1] 11 Active Fast 12.0 seconds The rogue creates a small cloud of smoke that leaves adjacent enemies Distracted for a short duration.
Sap icon.png Sap [WM1] 13 Active Average 5.0 seconds The rogue performs a Primary Attack that does additional damage and can leave the target Stunned.
Shadow step icon.png Shadow Step [WM2] 13 Modal Average 6.0 seconds
  • +20% Melee Damage
  • +20% Ranged Damage
By stepping through the Between, a rogue is able to seemingly teleport across the battlefield for a few moments, returning to his or her starting position when the effect is ended.
Feign death icon.png Feign Death [WM2] 15 Active Instant 10.0 seconds
  • Self: Invisible, Immune to Engagement, Untargetable, Break Engagements for 6 seconds
  • User: +20 Endurance, Untargetable, Prone, Damage Shield for 10 seconds
The rogue collapses to the ground and pretends to be out of a fight, regaining Endurance and biding his or her time until the moment is right to return to battle. When the rogue stands up, he or she becomes invisible for a short period of time.