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Resolve (RES, Attribute Resolve.png) is one of the primary attributes in Pillars of Eternity and Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. The in-game description reads:

Resolve reflects a character's internal drive, determination, fearlessness, and the emotional intensity they can project to others. It can be useful for mental intimidation, leadership, and convincing performances. In combat, it helps characters maintain Concentration and contributes to the Will and Deflection defenses.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Will Deflection Concentration
2 -16 -8 -24
3 -14 -7 -21
4 -12 -6 -18
5 -10 -5 -15
6 -8 -4 -12
7 -6 -3 -9
8 -4 -2 -6
9 -2 -1 -3
10 no change
11 +2 +1 +3
12 +4 +2 +6
13 +6 +3 +9
14 +8 +4 +12
15 +10 +5 +15
16 +12 +6 +18
17 +14 +7 +21
18 +16 +8 +24
19 +18 +9 +27
20 +20 +10 +30
21 +22 +11 +33
22 +24 +12 +36
23 +26 +13 +39
24 +28 +14 +42
... ... ... ...

Combat[edit | edit source]

Per point of Resolve above/below 10, a character gains:

See Combat for more explanation on how bonuses are calculated and applied.

Dialog and scripted interactions[edit | edit source]

In conversations, the protagonist's resolve is frequently checked for persuading people to do what you want, or for delivering a convincing lie or performance.

In scripted interactions, depending on the script, party member Resolve may be checked to determine success or the player can select a party member to tackle the challenge.

See Uses of Resolve in interactions for a detailed list.

Allocation[edit | edit source]

A player character's Resolve score is allocated during character creation, and does not progress with levels. By default you may put between 3 and 18 points in it, but the character's race and culture can modify those limits - for example for a Human from Aedyr, it would be between 5 and 20:

Racial bonuses:
Human +1
Orlan +1
Cultural bonuses:
Aedyr +1
Ixamitl Plains +1

Buffs in Pillars of Eternity[edit | edit source]

There are various ways to (temporarily) increase a character's Resolve beyond their base score. These buffs are not restricted to the upper limit that is imposed during character creation - so a temporary score of 30 or more is not impossible.

Passive abilities/talents[edit | edit source]

unlimited – permanently active once learned

Type Ability RES modifier
Quest reward talent Berath's Boon +1
Rewarded talent Effigy's Resentment +1

Equipment[edit | edit source]

one – bonus while equipped

Slot Item RES modifier
Head Ultimate Hat of Alluring Perfection [WM1] -2
Hands Bracers of Enduring +1
Neck Cloak of the Theocrat +1
Head Company Captain's Cap [DP] +1
Neck Glanfathan Adraswen +1
Fingers Snerf's Folly +1
Head The Pilgrim's Lasting Vigil +1
Fingers The Ring of Wonder +1
Neck Unwavering Resolve +1
Head Waage's Hat of Leadership +1
Armor Coat of Ill Payment +2
Neck Amulet of Joka'te +2
Waist Broad Belt of Power +2
Head Dandy Hat of the Diseased Yak +2
Neck Lost Periapt of the Winding Path [WM2] +2
Fingers Serel's Ring +2
Armor Kerdhed Pames +3
Head Argwes Adra's Helm [WM2] +3
Fingers Ring of Changing Heart [WM1] +3
Neck Shroud of Mourning +3
Hands Siegebreaker Gauntlets [WM2] +4
Head Company Captain's Cap [DP] +3
Armor Of Resolve 1 Enchantment +1
Armor Of Resolve 2 Enchantment +2

Resting bonuses[edit | edit source]


Location Inn Room RES modifier Lasts for
Gilded Vale Blackhound Inn Dyrwood's Pride +2 2 rests
Copperlane Fox and Goose Merchant's Stay +1 2 rests
Hearthsong Celestial Sapling Celestial Suite +2 1 rest
Hearthsong Celestial Sapling Wanderer's Reprieve +1 2 rest
Caed Nua Brighthollow Chapel +3 3 rests

Prostitute boons[edit | edit source]

one – for the protagonist only

Location Brothel Prostitute RES modifier Lasts for
Ondra's Gift Salty Mast Big Durmsey +2 1 rest
Ondra's Gift Salty Mast Iqali +1 1 rest

Modal or active buffs[edit | edit source]

onewhich includes:

Active abilities/spells

– temporary bonus when used

Type Ability RES modifier Duration Affected characters
Item Lord's Authority +5 30 sec user

Consumable items

– temporary bonus when used

Type Item RES modifier Duration Affected characters
food Dragon Egg +3 300 sec user
food Dragon Egg Dish +3 300 sec user
food Dragon Meat +3 150 sec user
food Dragon Meat Dish +3 150 sec user

Buffs in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire[edit | edit source]

Most resolve buffs are applied via one of the three Resolve Inspirations; Steadfast, Resolute, and Courageous. Stacking rules apply depending on whether the effect is passive or active. Generally, all passives stack - but actives do not and will instead use the highest bonus. In the case of inspirations, a Tier 1 inspiration will always be superseded by a Tier 2 one of the same type, and so on.

Passive effects[edit | edit source]

unlimited – obtained during gameplay

Name RES modifier Duration
Alchemic Wits +2 Until rest
Berath's Blessing - Champion Stats +2 Permanent
Cauldron Brew +1 Permanent
Effigy's Resentment: Grieving Mother +1 Permanent
Effigy's Resentment: Pallegina +1 Permanent
Fortune: Determination +1 Until rest
Nature's Resolve +2 Until rest
Rikuhu's Blessing +2 Until rest

Abilities/spells[edit | edit source]

one – temporary bonus when used, mostly combat only

Type Ability RES modifier Duration Affected characters
4th Level Chanter Invocation
6th Level Chanter Invocation
The Brideman Slew Thirty 'Fore They Crossed Half the Hall
..Each Kill Fed His Fury
+5 (Steadfast) 30.0 sec Allied AoE + Self
2nd Level Cipher Spell Psychovampiric Shield +5 (Steadfast) 20.0 sec Self
4th Level Cipher Spell Wild Leech +5 (Steadfast)* 45.0 sec Self (Random Effect)
5th Level Cipher Spell Echoing Shield +5 (Resolute) 30.0 sec Allied AoE
7th Level Fighter Ability Unbending Shield +5 (Resolute) 15.0 sec Allied AoE
8th Level Fighter Ability Inspired Discipline +5 (Steadfast) 30.0 sec Self
3rd Level Paladin Ability Hands of Light +5 (Courageous) 8.0 sec Allied Target
4th Level Paladin Ability
6th Level Paladin Ability
Liberating Exhortation
Liberating Command
+5 (Steadfast) 20.0 sec Target
6th Level Paladin Ability Remanding Exhortation +5 (Resolute) 20.0 sec Target
7th Level Paladin Ability Reinforcing Command +5 (Resolve) 12.0 sec Allied Target'
2nd Level Priest Spell Holy Meditation +5 (Resolute) 15.0 sec Friendly AoE
5th Level Priest Spell Champion's Boon +5 (Resolute) 30.0 sec Friendly Target
7th Level Priest Spell Minor Avatar +5 (Steadfast) 30.0 sec Self
8th Level Priest Spell Crowns for the Faithful +5 (Steadfast) 30.0 sec Friendly AoE
8th Level Ranger Ability Bonded Fury +5 (Resolve) 30.0 sec Animal Companion
1st Level Wizard Spell Conjure Familiar: Beetle +3 60.0 sec Self
7th Level Wizard Spell Bekarna's Midnight Daydream [FS] +5 (Resolute)* 12.0 sec Allied Target (Random Effect)
Watcher-only Ability No Pity for the Lost +5 (Steadfast) 20.0 sec Self

Weapons[edit | edit source]

unlimited – bonus only in combat, and either triggers under certain conditions or granted as a castable ability

Weapon type Name Enchantment RES modifier Condition Duration
Crossbow Scourge of Bezzello Soothing Bolts +5 (Steadfast) On scoring a Crit to allies near the target 4.0 sec
Great sword Effort Inspiring Demise +5 (Courageous) While under 25% health -
Great sword Effort Valiant Demise +5 (Steadfast) To nearby allies when the wielder is knocked out 20.0 sec
Hunting bow Aamiina's Legacy Warning of Blue Water +5 (Resolute) Freely castable 25.0 sec
Mace Magistrate's Cudgel Fair Trial +5 (Steadfast)* 1-in-6 chance upon being afflicted 15.0 sec
Sword Griffin's Blade Loyal Companion +5 (Steadfast) To nearby allies when the wielder is Bloodied (25-50% Health) 12.0 sec
Wand The Weyc's Wand [FS] Wael's Inspiration +5 (Courageous) After empowering a spell 8.0 sec
War hammer Last Word Silence in Death +5 (Steadfast) Per kill 6.0 sec

Equipment[edit | edit source]

unlimited – bonus only in combat, and either triggers under certain conditions or granted as a castable ability

Type Item Enchantment RES modifier Condition Duration
Belt Least Unstable Coil [SSS] Empowered Being +5 (Courageous) 1-in-6 chance after using an Empowered Spell or ability 10.0 sec
Cloak Hakori's Refuge [SSS] Bold In Danger +5 (Steadfast) 20% chance when crit 8.0 sec
Padded armor Gipon Prudensco Bravado +5 (Steadfast) On combat start 15.0 sec
Plate armor Blackened Plate Armor Contentment in Pain +5 (Steadfast)* When the wearer first becomes Bloodied (25-50% Health) 30.0 sec
Ring Harmony Commitment +1 While within 2.5m of a bonded ally. -
Ring Ring of Clenched Muscle [FS] Test Subject +5 (Steadfast)* 10% chance to trigger random tier 1 Inspiration on being hit. 1-in-6 chance for it to be Steadfast. 10.0 sec
Small shield Outworn Buckler Symbol of Inspiration +5 (Steadfast) 1% Chance when receiving damage to nearby allies 10.0 sec
Small shield Outworn Buckler Beacon of Inspiration +5 (Steadfast) 3% Chance when receiving damage to nearby allies 10.0 sec
Small shield Outworn Buckler Symbol of Courage +5 (Steadfast/Resolute/Courageous) 1% Chance when receiving damage to nearby allies (1 in 3 chance to be Steadfast) 10.0 sec
Necklace Chain of Rightful Authority [SSS] Rightful Vengeance +1 Per party members KO'd Until end of combat
Necklace Neriscyrlas' Hope [BW]
Necklace Tooth of Toamowhai [SSS]
Amulet Crown of the Exiled Queen [FS]
Amulet Weight of Revelation [FS]

unlimited – bonus while equipped

Type Item Enchantment RES modifier
Amulet Token of Faith Of Resolve 2 +2
Boots Boots of the Stone Firm Foundation +1
Boots Boots of the White Shod for Winter +1
Boots Shorewalker Sandals Certain Stride +1
Cloak Badrwn's Cover Steeled in Darkness +1
Cloak Cloak of Poverty [DMT] Impoverished +0 to 5 (increases when the party has little currency)
Cloak Cloak of the Theocrat Of Resolve +1
Cloak Ragged Cloak Vestment of Skaen +1
Ring Chameleon's Touch Versatile +1 (as Druid/Priest)
Ring Harmony Commitment +1
Ring Ring of the Solitary Wanderer Self-Motivated +1

Pets[edit | edit source]

unlimited – bonus while equipped to either self or party

Pet Target RES modifier
Chilli Self +1
Eliel Self +1
Eviee Self +2
Grog Self +1
Nalvi Self +1
Nebula Party (in AoE) +5 (Steadfast) 1-in-6 chance for 10.0 sec every 12 seconds
Roxy Self +1
Stinky Pete Self +1
Zorro Self +1

Resting bonuses[edit | edit source]

one - until next rest

Location Room Cost RES modifier
Tikawara, Himuihi Gentle Breeze Copper pands (cp)400 +2
? [BW] Fireside Bed Copper pands (cp)200 +2

Prostitute boons[edit | edit source]

one – for the protagonist only, lasts until next rest.

Location Prostitute RES modifier
Queen's Berth, The Wild Mare Rabyuna +2

Consumable items[edit | edit source]

one – for the user until next rest

Type Item RES modifier
Food Fried Ugly +1
Food Hagfish +1
Food Seafood Stew +1
Drink Rice Wine +2

unlimited – for the user for a duration (sometimes only in combat)

Type Item RES modifier Duration Combat only
Drug Ripple Sponge +3 180.0 sec
Potion Potion of Mental Prowess +2 45.0 sec Yes
Potion Vial of Starlight [DMT] +5 10.0 sec Yes
Scroll Deck of Endless Possibilities [DMT] +5 (Steadfast)* 30 sec Yes

Class[edit | edit source]

unlimited – permanently to the character, sometimes under a condition

Type Name RES modifier Condition
Subclass Wild Mind +5 (Courageous) Small chance on casting ability