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Regrets Worth Trading [WM1]
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Finish the quest
Lie to Okrun or let him die in the temple fight

Regrets Worth Trading is a quest in Pillars of Eternity: The White March - Part I.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Okrun has lost everything during the attacks against Stalwart. Before leaving the village behind, the dwarf wants to recover a medallion he gave to Lafda, priestess of the temple of Ondra, to be cast away in secret - a decision he now regrets.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Beginning the quest[edit | edit source]

When approaching the Temple of Ondra in Stalwart, you'll see Okrun shouting at the doors of the temple before angrily pacing back and forth. Talk to him to learn he gave a medallion and his old armor to the Giftbearers within the temple as a means to forget his past... but he's since changed his mind, and wants the medallion back. However, they refuse to give it back or even tell him where it is.

Heading into the temple, you'll find Lafda, the head priestess. (You'll also see Qexetl, who will refuse to speak to you for long.) You can question Lafda on various subjects, including Okrun's medallion. Unfortunately, Lafda is particularly unwilling to hand out information on the medallion. There are numerous ways to convince her to talk: Aggressive 2, Lore 7, or just sheer persistence, which will eventually unlock the dialogue choice "I can keep asking for a long time."

Any of these options will have Lafda tell you that Okrun's medallion was given to Ixtli, another Giftbearer, and that he was sent north towards Durgan's Battery to dispose of it. However, that's all she'll tell you. Attempting to investigate the chest in the corner of the temple will have one of the acolytes scold you...

Exiting the temple, you overhear raised voices within the temple - they're obviously talking about you, but the exact words are muffled. Clearly the only solution is to eavesdrop! The eastern side of the temple has a latched window; interact with it to begin a scripted interaction where you do exactly that. The window's hinges have rusted, requiring either Stealth 7 or a bottle of Oil to open the window far enough for you to overhear the priests talking about having hidden "the last batch" in the pond in Russetwood. Qexetl then leaves the temple in a hurry.

You now have two options for how to proceed: you can go directly to Russetwood to find out what Qexetl is up to, or you can pursue Ixtli towards Durgan's Battery.

Chasing Giftbearer Ixtli[edit | edit source]

There is no sign of Ixtli anywhere in Durgan's Battery. However, you'll find a group of bandits led by Urthal in the northeast portion of the map. Urthal robs travelers and Giftbearers for a living, and will attack you in an attempt to do the same - kill him to find that he's carrying a Giftbearer's Notebook that belonged to Ixtli (which suggests why you couldn't find him). The Notebook describes how to call a lagufaeth to you at the Russetwood pond.

If you'd like, you can return to lafda and show her Ixtli's notebook. She will be saddened to hear of his death, and request to keep the notebook; you can let her do so, but this removes the option to summon a lagufaeth at the pond.

Russetwood Pond[edit | edit source]

You'll catch up to Qexetl at the frozen pond in the center of Russetwood. He throws a chest into the water through a hole in the ice and then leaves, a leather bag thrown over one shoulder. You can now approach the hole, beginning a scripted interaction. There are multiple ways to retrieve the chests from the water, but attempting the dive with no protection at all will leave whoever makes the attempt with Major Fatigue.

  • A wizard with the Bulwark Against The Elements spell in their currently-active grimoire can cast the spell on you or on themselves, rendering either of you resistant to the cold long enough to retrieve the chests.
  • Pale elves can naturally withstand the cold without any sort of ability check needed.
  • A character with at least 16 Constitution will feel the effects of the cold (suffering a Minor Fatigue status effect on leaving the water), but can push through and retrieve the chests regardless.
  • If you obtained the Giftbearer's Notebook, you can summon a lagufaeth to retrieve it for you. First, summon the lagufaeth with "Notoc Tlocotl". Then, command her to dive with "Cualla Micha". The lagufaeth will retrieve the chests, after which point you can decide how best to dismiss her - feed her a fish after saying "Xitlac Cualla" (this does not actually remove a fish from your inventory), shoo her, or threaten her.

Regardless of how you retrieve the chest, it all leads to the same outcome: you open the chests, only to learn each and every one is filled with rocks. You take one of the empty chests as proof.

Confront the priests[edit | edit source]

Optionally, upon returning to Stalwart, you can talk to Okrun, who will still be waiting outside the temple. Be warned that if you tell him the priests have stolen his medallion, he will run inside the temple and a fight with them will be unavoidable; to prevent this, either do not speak with him, remain vague in telling him what's happened, or pass a Resolve 17 check to persuade him to let you handle them. (An Intellect 12 check is available, but will do nothing to keep him from running into the temple.)

Inside the temple, you can now speak with Lafda and confront her regarding the empty chests and stolen mementos. She points out that what she and her group do isn't really so different from what 'real' Giftbearers would do - either way, the things people want to forget are made to disappear. There are several ways this conversation can pan out:

Choice Result
Let them leave peacefully Lafda and the 'priests' hand over the key to the chest
Ask for "something extra" in exchange for your silence Lafda and the 'priests' give you 6000Copper pands (cp) and the key to the chest
Threaten to report them to Renengild or the villagers Lafda and the 'priests' attack. You can loot the key from their corpses, along with:
Attack the 'priests'
Have Okrun with you when you enter the temple

If Okrun is in the temple with you, he will take the medallion from the chest and initiate dialogue with you. If he is still outside, you'll have to loot the chest and return outside to talk to him.

The concluding dialogue with Okrun determines what you will receive in payment. You will always be allowed to keep the White Crest Armor, but you can only keep the medallion if you lie to him outside the temple or he dies in the fight; if he survives the fight in the temple, he will take the medallion himself and you will not be able to keep it.

Choice Result
Say you'd accept a reward White Crest Armor and 1200Copper pands (cp)
Remind him about his armour
[Cruel] Demand a reward White Crest Armor and 1600Copper pands (cp)
Tell him you don't need a reward White Crest Armor only
[Lie] Tell him the medallion is gone White Crest Armor and Talisman of the Unconquerable

After the conversation ends, Okrun leaves, and the quest is complete.

Alternate path[edit | edit source]

It is possible to stumble across the hole in the Russetwood pond before ever talking to Lafda. You will not have the option of summoning a lagufaeth, but the other three means by which the chests can be retrieved are still available. Since Qexetl hasn't been sent to empty the chests yet, Okrun's medallion and armour will still be in there, and you can skip directly to giving them to him back in Stalwart without having to confront Lafda and retrieve them from the temple.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • It's possible to break the script and end up with two copies of the White Crest Armor. First, start the quest with Okrun, then go to the Russetwood without going to the temple. You can find the chest in the water, and it will have Okrun's relics. You can then return them to Okrun, ending the quest, but then enter the temple to speak with Lafda. After you leave, you can listen at the window, then follow her acolyte back to the Russetwood lake. When he returns, there will be no options to discuss with Lafda, but if you choose to manually initiate combat and kill them, you can claim the key to open the chest, revealing another copy of the armor and the necklace--though the necklace will not be an equip-able talisman but instead a quest item.