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Disambig.png This article is about ranger abilities in Pillars of Eternity. For ranger abilities in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, see Ranger abilities (Deadfire).

The following is a list of ranger abilities in Pillars of Eternity. For more information see the Ranger class page.

List of abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Acquirable
at level
Activation Speed Duration Effects Description
Ranger passive icon.png Animal Companion 1 Passive Average
  • Depends on type of Animal Companion
All rangers form a strong spiritual connection with a single creature, their animal companion. This connection allows rangers and their companions to coordinate attacks and efficiently take down prey. In most situations, the companion runs interference while the ranger attacks at range.
Marked prey icon.png Marked Prey 1 Active Average 30.0 seconds
  • Foe Target: Marked
  • Self: +20% Damage against Marked targets
Designates a single target as prey, giving the ranger and animal companion a damage bonus against that target.
Wounding shot icon.png Wounding Shot 1 Active Average 10.0 seconds As he or she would with fleeing prey, the hunter aims for a spot that will slow the target enemy's progress, Hobbling the target and inflicting Raw Damage over time to it.
Ranger passive icon.png Predator's Sense 3 Passive Heightens the predatory instincts of the ranger's animal companion, giving them a damage bonus on any creature suffering a damage over time effect.
Swift aim icon.png Swift Aim 3 Modal Instant The ranger gets into a speedy and fluid offensive rhythm, reducing Accuracy but increasing Fire Rate and reload time with ranged weapon and Attack Rate with melee weapons.
Vicious aim icon.png Vicious Aim 3 Modal Instant By lowering Attack and Reload Rate, the ranger is able to take more careful aim, giving them increased Accuracy and Damage.
Ranger passive icon.png Arrow Sense 5 Passive
  • +15 Deflection against ranged attacks
The ranger gains a portion of his or her animal companion's senses and instincts, becoming especially sensitive to incoming ranged attacks that target Deflection.
Ranger passive icon.png Defensive Bond 5 Passive
  • Self: +15 Defense against AoE attacks
  • Animal Companion: +15 Defense against AoE attacks
The empathic bond between ranger and animal companion yields a preternatural awareness of incoming danger, giving both a significant bonus to Defense when both are subjected to the same area of effect attack.
Ranger passive icon.png Stalkers' Link 5 Passive
  • +10 Accuracy when attacking the same target as animal companion
Long experience fighting together enables the ranger and animal companion to fight as a highly efficient team. The ranger gains an accuracy bonus when fighting any enemy already engaged by the animal companion.
Ranger passive icon.png Driving Flight 7 Passive
  • Ranged attacks bounce +1 times
Each ranged attack loosed by the ranger contains such force as to fly straight through the first target and hit another target behind it for less damage.
Heal companion icon.png Heal Companion [WM2] 7 Active Fast
  • Animal Companion: +40 Endurance (base)
The ranger can heal his or her animal companion.
Takedown icon.png Takedown 7 Active Average 5.0 seconds Instructs the ranger's animal companion to rush a target, knocking it Prone.
Binding roots icon.png Binding Roots 9 Active Fast 30.0 seconds Conjures roots from the ground underneath a target, causing them to become Stuck.
Revive companion icon.png Revive Companion [WM2] 9 Active Fast
  • Animal Companion: Revive with 50 Endurance
The ranger can revive his or her animal companion and heal a small amount of Endurance.
Masters call icon.png Master's Call 11 Active Average 5.0 seconds
  • Foe Target: 15-20 Slash damage (Accuracy vs Deflection)
  • Foe Target: If successful: Prone (Accuracy vs Fortitude)
Calls the ranger's animal companion to his or her side, causing the companion to move back to the ranger at increased speed, ignoring Engagement and knocking any enemies in the way Prone.
Play dead icon.png Play Dead [WM1] 11 Active Instant 10.0 seconds The ranger's animal companion falls over and appears to be dead (cannot be targeted) for a limited time. While playing dead, the companion regains Endurance.
Ranger passive icon.png Stunning Shots 11 Passive Average 2.0 seconds Takes advantage of enemy distraction while Engaged by the ranger's animal companion, Stunning the enemy (as a secondary attack) when the ranger lands a Hit or Critical Hit.
Powder burns icon.png Powder Burns [WM2] 13 Modal Instant
  • User: Blinded
  • Firearm Weapon: Powerful cone of Burn
The ranger overloads each shot of his or her firearm with excessive powder. The resulting blast generates a powerful cone of flame, but temporarily leaves the ranger Blinded.
Twinned arrows icon.png Twinned Arrows [WM1] 13 Modal Instant When the ranger uses a Hunting Bow or War Bow, they can opt to fire two arrows with each shot. Each shot has reduced Accuracy.
Ranger passive icon.png Vengeful Grief [WM2] 15 Passive When a ranger or his or her animal companion are knocked out, the partner suffers the normal effects of Bonded grief, but becomes filled with focused rage for a short duration. While so focused, they gain Speed, Movement, and do additional Damage.