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Ciphers can directly target allies and enemies with powerful soul-focused effects. These powers cost Focus, which ciphers build through the use of their Soul Whip.

A Power is the cipher equivalent of a spell. Powers require Focus and a nearby target other than themselves, one with a "housed" soul. In practical terms, this means that ciphers must always target a nearby ally or an enemy with their powers. It is impossible for them to target themselves or open ground. They have lot of single target damage powers, powers that inflict afflictions, and powers that jump from one target to another. They also have some support and some drain powers.

1st Level Powers[edit | edit source]

Power Focus Effects Speed Duration Range Area Description
Antipathetic field icon.png Antipathetic Field 10 
  • Beam: 13-20 Corrode damage per second
  • User: +20% Beam Damage over 12 seconds
Average 6.0 seconds 15m Beam Creates a toxic physical manifestation of the mutual antipathy between the cipher and the enemy target. Enemies caught in the path between the two will suffer Corrosive damage.
Eyestrike icon.png Eyestrike 10  Average 10.0 seconds 10m Target + 1.5m Radius Shocks an enemy's visual receptors, Dazing and Blinding them as well as Blinding nearby targets.
Mind wave icon.png Mind Wave 10 
  • Target: 10-18 Raw Damage (+10 Accuracy vs Will)
  • Foe AoE: Prone (+5 Accuracy vs Fortitude)
Fast 3.0 seconds 8m Target + Length: 3.5m 120° Cone Target becomes the object of a concussive blast of psychic energy, suffering Raw damage from the trauma. Characters in a conical area behind the target failing a Fortitude check are knocked prone from the blast.
Soul shock icon.png Soul Shock 10 
  • 22-30 Shock damage
Average 6m Allied Target + 1.75m Radius Briefly transforms the outer shell of an allied target's soul into energy, releasing an electrical burst around them. Characters standing in the area around the target take Shock damage.
Tenuous grasp icon.png Tenuous Grasp 10  Average 10m Foe Target Assails the target's grasp on reality, Frightening and Confusing them.
Whisper of treason icon.png Whisper of Treason 10  Fast 10.0 seconds 7m Foe Target Imparts a bedeviling secret to an enemy that causes its allegiance to bend, Charming them for the duration.

2nd level Powers[edit | edit source]

Power Focus Effects Speed Duration Range Area Description
Amplified thrust icon.png Amplified Thrust 20 
  • Foe Target: 40-55 Pierce damage
  • Foe Target: 3.0m Push
Fast 5m + 3m Jump Allied Target + 1 Foe Jump Target Bounces psychic energy harmlessly off the target and onto the closest nearby enemy, causing Pierce damage and violently pushing them backward.
Mental binding icon.png Mental Binding 20 
  • Foe Target: Paralyzed for 8.0 seconds (+10 Accuracy vs Will)
  • Foe AoE: Stuck for 6.0 seconds (+5 Accuracy vs Fortitude)
Average 8m Foe Target + 2.0m Radius Overwhelms the target's mental ability to communicate with its own body, Paralyzing it and causing its soul to emit a shockwave that can leave nearby enemies Stuck.
Mind blades icon.png Mind Blades 20 
  • Foe Target: 18-28 Slash damage
  • Foe Jump Targets (x5): 16-25 Slash damage
Average 10m + 10m Jump Foe Target + 5 Jump Targets Co-opts the target's essence, generating a Slashing blade of force that attacks them before leaping to up to five additional targets.
Phantom foes icon.png Phantom Foes 20 
  • Foe AoE: -10 enemies needed to Flank for 20.0 seconds
  • Foe AoE: Frightened for 6.0 seconds
Average 10m Foe Target + 5.0m Radius Invades the minds of targets in the area of effect, causing them to believe they are surrounded by phantom foes - leaving them Flanked for the duration.
Psychovampiric shield icon.png Psychovampiric Shield 20  Average 20.0 seconds 8m The cipher uses the target's strength of mind against it, stealing a portion of its Resolve in order to better Deflect incoming attacks.
Recall agony icon.png Recall Agony 20  Fast 12.0 seconds 8m Foe Target Causes the target to relive the psychic trauma of an injury moments after receiving it, experiencing the Damage all over again.

3rd level Powers[edit | edit source]

Power Focus Effects Speed Duration Range Area Description
Ectopsychic echo icon.png Ectopsychic Echo 30 
  • Foe Beam: 20-30 Crush damage per second
Average 10.0 seconds 12m Foe Beam Generates a rebounding wave of psychic feedback between the cipher and an ally that causes Crush damage to enemies caught in between.
Fractured volition icon.png Fractured Volition 30  Average 12.0 seconds 10m Foe Target Violates an enemy's memories to bring vivid recollections of past failures to the surface, leaving the target Hobbled and Weakened.
Pain link icon.png Pain Link 30 
  • Allied Target: 25% of all damage reapplied to nearby enemies
Average 18.0 seconds 8m Allied Target Mentally links nearby enemies to the target, forcing them to experience a portion of all Damage the target suffers.
Puppet master icon.png Puppet Master 30  Fast 16.0 seconds 5m Foe Target Destroys a target's psychic defenses, leaving them Dominated by the cipher for the duration.
Secret horrors icon.png Secret Horrors 30  Average 15.0 seconds 10m Foe Target + 3.0m Radius Causes enemies in the area of effect to believe their worst fears have been realized, Frightening and Sickening them for the duration.
Soul ignition icon.png Soul Ignition 30 
  • Foe Target: 95.3 Burn damage
Average 10.0 seconds 10m Foe Target Forces an enemy's soul to "leak" energy, igniting the air around them and Burning them over time.

4th level Powers[edit | edit source]

Power Focus Effects Speed Duration Range Area Description
Body attunement icon.png Body Attunement 40 
  • Foe Target: 7.0 Damage Reduction (DR) stolen
Fast 15.0 seconds 10m Foe Target The cipher probes the mind and soul of the enemy target, finding the strengths of its defenses and stealing them for his or her own. Drains a portion of the target's Damage Reduction, granting the same amount as a bonus to the cipher.
Going between icon.png Going Between 40  Fast 30.0 seconds 10m Allied Target An ally superficially takes on the form of a spirit. Their movement is increased and many incoming Crits, Hits, and Grazes are converted to a less severe result.
Mind lance icon.png Mind Lance 40 
  • 35-42 Pierce damage to anyone in the line of attack
Fast Target + Length: 10m Impales the target with a lance of pure force, inflicting major Pierce damage to anyone in the line of attack with a high chance of causing an Interrupt.
Pain block icon.png Pain Block 40 
  • Allied Target: +10 Damage Reduction (DR)
  • Allied Target: +76.7 Endurance
Average 20.0 seconds 10m Allied Target Provides an ally with a mental block on his or her pain, granting a bonus to their Damage Reduction and regenerating Endurance over time.
Silent scream icon.png Silent Scream 40 
  • Foe Target: 35-50 Raw damage, Stunned (+10 Accuracy vs Will)
  • Foe AoE: 28-40 Raw damage (+5 Accuracy vs Will)
Average 8.0 seconds 6m Target + 2.5m Radius Produces a psychic howl in the targeted area, Stunning the target as well as dealing Raw damage to all enemies within. Stands a high chance of causing an Interrupt.
Wild leech icon.png Wild Leech 40  Average 15.0 seconds 10m Target Latches onto some characteristic of the target's psyche and drains it, granting the same amount as a bonus to the cipher. Affects a random Attribute.

5th level Powers[edit | edit source]

Power Focus Effects Speed Duration Range Area Description
Borrowed instinct icon.png Borrowed Instinct 50  Average 25.0 seconds 10m Foe Target Ransacks an enemy's Intellect and Perception for energy, causing damage to those enemy Attributes while boosting the cipher's Defenses and Accuracy.
Detonate icon.png Detonate 50 
  • 50-75 Raw damage
  • Destroyed, 2.0m Push
Average 5m Target Splinters the target's soul with sheer force, inflicting Raw damage to them - targets with low Endurance explode, causing Crush damage to all in the area of effect.
Ringleader icon.png Ringleader 50  Slow 10.0 seconds 4m Foe Target + 1.5m Radius Imprints an insidious and powerful compulsion to obey the cipher across all enemies in the area of effect, Dominating the target and Charming all others.
Tactical meld icon.png Tactical Meld 50 
  • User: +20 Accuracy when attacking the same enemy as the target
Fast 25.0 seconds 5m Allied Target Connects the mind of the cipher with an ally to gain the ally's knowledge of his or her enemy, bestowing an attack bonus upon the cipher towards the enemy the ally is attacking.

6th level Powers[edit | edit source]

Power Focus Effects Speed Duration Range Area Description
Amplified wave icon.png Amplified Wave 60 
  • Foe AoE: 35-42 Crush damage, Prone
Fast 8.0 seconds 6m Allied Target + 4.0m Radius Manifests the target ally's mental strengths and projects them outward forcefully, causing a shockwave that inflicts Crush damage and knocks any in the area of effect Prone.
Disintegration icon.png Disintegration 60 
  • 240 Raw damage over time
Average 15.0 seconds 10m Foe Target Burns away the ethereal sinew that holds together the mind, body, and soul of the target enemy, causing it to rapidly take Raw damage. Targets that have their Endurance reduced to zero disintegrate into nonexistence.
Mind plague icon.png Mind Plague 60 
  • Foe Target: Dazed for 12 seconds
  • Foe Target: Confused for 5 seconds
  • Foe Jump Targets (x5): Dazed for 12 seconds
  • Foe Jump Targets (x5): Confused for 5 seconds
Average 10m + 8m Jump Foe Target + 5 Jump Targets Destroys an enemy's memory with calculated accuracy, leaving them Dazed and Confused before rapidly jumping to up to five other enemies.

7th level Powers[edit | edit source]

Power Focus Effects Speed Duration Range Area Description
Stasis shell icon.png Stasis Shell [WM1] 70  Average 20.0 seconds 10m Foe Target The cipher is able to isolate a single enemy from the world, leaving them unable to act, but also unable to be affected by outside parties.
Time parasite icon.png Time Parasite [WM1] 70  Average 12.0 seconds 10m + 10m Jump Foe Target + 5 Foe Jump Targets By siphoning power from enemies' souls, the cipher is able to slow them down and increase his or her own speed.

8th level Powers[edit | edit source]

Power Focus Effects Speed Duration Range Area Description
Defensive mindweb icon.png Defensive Mindweb [WM2] 80 
  • Friendly Aura: All allies in the mindweb use the best defense of anyone in the web
Instant 30.0 seconds Aura Range: 3m By linking his or her mind with those of nearby allies, the caster creates a series of defensive links between them. All allies in the mindweb use the best defense of anyone in the web.
Reaping knives icon.png Reaping Knives [WM2] 80  Average 30.0 seconds 2m Allied Target The cipher uses an ally's soul to create "blades" of pure energy that emerge from both hands. The blades do Raw damage and generate Focus for the cipher who created them.

Cut Powers[edit | edit source]

  • Mind Jab – begins at low damage, but can be built through focusing up to devastating amounts of damage[1]

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