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Pollaxe01 icon.png
Weapon type
Combat type
10 Copper pands (cp)
0.75 sec (Strong)
14-20 SlashCrush
Weapon focus
Weapon bonuses

Pollaxes are two-handed weapons in Pillars of Eternity.

Description[edit | edit source]

The versatile pollaxe is a powerful and flexible weapon that can deal devastating blows even against a fully-armored opponent. Its straight-bladed axe head is opposed by a hammer, allowing the wielder to switch between different damage types as circumstances require.

Types of Pollaxes[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Damage Value Enchantments Location
Pollaxe exceptional icon.png Exceptional Pollaxe 18-26 810Copper pands (cp)
Pollaxe fine icon.png Fine Pollaxe 16-23 410Copper pands (cp)
Pollaxe half mast icon.png Half-Mast 20-29 1,610Copper pands (cp)
Pollaxe01 icon.png Pollaxe 14-20 10Copper pands (cp)
Pollaxe spectacular spetum icon.png Spectacular Spetum 16-23 1,210Copper pands (cp)
Pollaxe winds arm icon.png The Wind's Arm [WM2] 18-26 1,610Copper pands (cp)
Pollaxe traitors merit icon.png Traitors' Merit 18-26 1,610Copper pands (cp)