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Plant is an item type in Pillars of Eternity. They are needed to craft or enchant items and go in the ingredients inventory. Plants can be collected in the world and bought from shops.

Types of Plants[edit | edit source]

Icon Name
Springberries icon.png Springberry
River reed icon.png River Reed
Admeths wyrt icon.png Admeth's Wyrt
Beraths bell icon.png Berath's Bell
Blood moss icon.png Blood Moss
Burned lady icon.png Burned Lady
Cave coral icon.png Cave Coral
Dyrcap icon.png Dyrcap
Golden celery icon.png Golden Celery
Orlans cradle icon.png Orlan's Cradle
Pilgrims crown icon.png Pilgrim's Crown
Settlers arrow icon.png Settler's Arrow
Skaenbone icon.png Skaenbone
St gyrans horn icon.png St. Gyran's Horn