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This page provides a summary of the most important or commonly used templates on this wiki. For full list see Category:Templates.

Article layout and formatting[edit source]

  • {{Otheruses}} - Use at the start of an article to clarify...
  • {{Main}} - Use at the start of a section to link to the main articles that covers the dissuaded subject.
  • {{Verify}} -

Article management[edit source]

These templates inform other editors about the article's state, marking articles that need editor attention. We encourage any contributor to make use of these maintenance templates, as it makes collaborative editing much easier to coordinate.

  • {{Stub}} - Add this to placeholder articles. This template will include them in Category:Article stubs, and is used to list which articles need expanding.
  • {{Cleanup}} - Add this to articles that require "cleanup", a general use template for articles with grammar to structure issues . Make sure to specify what needs to be done.
  • {{Delete}} - Add this to an article to nominate it for deletion. Reasons could include a nonsense title, superfluous information, outdated/duplicated article, violation of policy etc..

Other[edit source]

Category tree[edit source]