Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire world map

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The world map interface; the party is currently traveling overland on Poko Kohara.

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire world map covers the Deadfire Archipelago and the islands that cover it. It's distinct from the previous game in that you use a ship, The Defiant, to travel across the map, explore, and run into various random encounters.

To avoid bandwidth overconsumption, the interactive map is found here.

Travel[edit | edit source]

The key difference between the first game and the second is the fact that travel is much more involved and requires resources. As your ship crosses the archipelago, you need to watch your reserves of cash, food, and water to avoid mutiny, starvation, dehydration, and as a consequence, losing your crew, health, and/or life. Finding the optimal route across the waters of the Archipelago while exploring is a core part of gameplay.

Thankfully, once you make landfall - at a port or a bay - your crew is smart enough to forage for food on their own. As long as you stay on land, you only have to pay your crew's wages, without worrying about food.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Region Name Location type
Maje Island Port Maje Colony
Vilario's Rest Wilderness
Engwithan dig site Engwithan ruin
Poko Kohara Poko Kohara ruins Engwithan ruin
Karatapu Channel Oathbinder's Sanctum Ruin
Neketaka Island Neketaka Capital city
Hasongo Colony
Dunnage Fortress
Fort Deadlight Fortress
Crookspur Island Crookspur Town
Tehiwai Islands Tikawara Village
Hōhina Ravine Wilderness
Wakara Reef Archipelago
Kua o Rikuhu Islands Archipelago
The Black Isles Hall of the Unseen Ruin
The Windless Wastes Splintered Reef Town (?)
The Burning Shoals
Magran's Teeth Ofecchia Channel
Ashen Maw
Razai Passage Kohopa's Fang
Rikuhu's Maw Ori o Koīki

Junvik Village

Drowned Barrows

[BW]The Dead Floe Harbinger's Watch Colony

Exploration[edit | edit source]

There are many types of areas that can be found beside marked locations, each of which can be looted or explored.

Name Type Opportunities Notes
Icon Derelict.png

Derelict Ship

Scripted encounter You may be attacked by a ship afterwards, as they assume you're looters or pirates.
Icon Derelict.png

Plague Ship

Scripted encounter A ship affected by a plague, you can sink them from afar or come closer to examine them. If the ship is empty, you can salvage it.

Otherwise, you can rob the plagued sailors or provide them with remedy for their crew (-5 Medicine), receiving -5 to Morale, experience for you and your crew, and a random item.

However, you may also contract the plague.

Icon Farm.png


Merchant Offers foodstuffs and drink

Icon Rice Paddy.png

Rice Farm

Merchant Offers rice and rice-based drinks, plus Taar Loaf

Icon Burial Mound.png

Burial Mound

Lootable Randomly chosen loot, primarily valuables. Each search takes several hours until the location is searched.
Icon Ruined Tower.png

Ruined Tower

Lootable Randomly chosen loot, primarily ingredients and adventuring gear. Each search takes several hours until the location is searched.

Icon Shipwreck.png Shipwreck

Lootable Randomly chosen loot, primarily ship supplies. Each search takes several hours until the location is searched. Low chance of finding a Dragon Pendant.

Icon Abandoned Village.png

Abandoned Village

Lootable Randomly chosen loot, primarily crafting ingredients and food. Low chance of finding Nature's Embrace or Boots of the White.

Icon Oasis.png


Lootable Random amount of water

Icon Fruit Trees.png

Fruit Trees

Lootable Random amount of fresh fruit
Icon Abandoned Camp.png Lootable Random amount of low-level food

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The map covers a square area stretching from ~9 deg 55' N 30 deg 7' E to ~39 deg 49' S 69 deg 57' E (approximately 40 by 50 degrees).

Assuming equivalence with Earth's dimensions, a degree corresponds to 69 miles (111 kilometers), that's a square with an edge length of 2 760 miles or 4 440 kilometers, covering 8 517 600 square miles or 24 642 000 square kilometers.

  • Assuming Eora has Earth's proportions, Eora has 154 256 400 square miles or 399 200 400 square kilometers of area and Deadfire represents a little over 6% of its total area.
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