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Unique weapons are a major part of the game, as with the overhaul of the crafting system the ability to upgrade generic pieces of equipment was removed. Now each weapon has its own upgrades and frequently with many unique options.

List[edit | edit source]

Name Type Location
Arbalest Periki's Overlook: Sold by Marihi
Arquebus (SoulBound) Burial Mound south-west of Motare o Kōzi Coordinates 8*25 South, 60*25 East.
The Brass Citadel: Sold by Uto.
Found from a locked crate within the store room in Delver's Row
Acquired by completing Maia Rua's quest The Courier's Calling.
Battle axe Kohopa's Fang
Received at the start of the game
Blunderbuss Quest reward for completing The Cornett's Call
Received after completing Serafen's personal quest.
Carried by Serafen
Reward from Fleet Master Okaya after completing Hunting Season by killing the Druids.
Club Port Maje: Sold by a vendor in Port Maje Harbor.
Looted after killing Fyrgist near unnamed volcanic island south of Tikawara.
Crossbow Obtained on 'A Shrewd Proposition' quest by Captain Furrante side.
Dagger (SoulBound) Poko Kohara ruins: Level 2, in the hidden tomb, 23*59 South, 63* 32 East
Periki's Overlook: Sold by Marihi
On the island west of Fort Deadlight there's Koro River Delta where you can get Pukestabber.

You can pay Ranetti 8100 coins, pass a check, or kill him and his men to acquire the blade.

Estoc Periki's Overlook: Repaired for 1500 cp by Marihi
Radiant Court: Sold by Ramaso
Obtained in A Dance with Death
Flail Cockerel Forest 6° 8' S, 34° 36' E: Dropped by Cathŵenna.
Dropped during Bounty - Katrenn
The Hanging Sepulchers: Dropped by Yseyr the Berathian
Dunnage, The Treasure Trove: Sold by Dimesa
Dropped by a Flame Nāga Sorcerer in the outdoor area of Kohopa's Fang, which is located on the northernmost player-nameable island of the Magran's Teeth island chain (at 7'30" 47'3").
Great sword Sayuka: Sold by Koami
Looted in a battle in The Orrery during Bekarna's Folly.
Periki's Overlook: Sold by Marihi
Can be found by Following the Sanguine Harvest miniquestline. You'll first find mention of the harvest in a note found on an exploration island. It will hint at Arkemyr's name. Speaking with Arkemyr will allow a dialogue option that she may have a book in her basement about it (you may have already acquired this earlier).

The book hints at the 16th of the month as being important and a ritual involving a Great Sword. Traveling to an island in Northwest Corner of the map there is an Island with a Fampyr Cave and a "Forest" Point of Interest. Resting until the 16th of the month and then approaching the Forest allows you to witness a sacrificial ritual involving a woman. If you choose to interrupt the ritual early you can save the woman. If you wait until after the sacrifice you can attack the cultists and receive this greatsword as loot.

Can be looted from a sarcophagus in the Crypt Interior on Splintered Reef, which is the island in the south-east corner of the world map.
Periki's Overlook: Remade by Marihi
Hatchet Pāhowane, near Kuaru Trader and Eoten
Hōhina Ravine
Carried by Xoti.
Hunting bow Looted during Bounty - Uamoru the Pretender. 5° 6' S, 66° 9' E.
Port Maje: Sold by Henric.
Mace Queen's Berth : Given by Ezzali Bardatto in Family Pride
(SoulBound) Subterranean Temple 19° 48' S , 64° 37' E north of Poko Kohara. Requires 14 Int / 15 Res to obtain
Morning star Arkemyr's Manor: Laboratories, in the library.
Can be looted from a weapon rack in the Torture Chamber in the Crookspur Dungeons.
Pike Looted during Bounty - Biakara.
Pistol Collapsed Mine at 7'49" 57'16"
The Brass Citadel: Sold by Uto.
Poko Kohara ruins: In the xaurip camp.
Pollaxe (SoulBound) Shipwreck south-east from Neketaka in an enclose island 37*21 South 55*30 East
Old City: Inside the Old City proper, in the hidden chamber in Ondra's temple.
Quarterstaff Dropped by Fampyr in Splintered Reef
8'35" 36'38" In Drowned Barrows during the Nemnok quest.
Map Fight against Eotens at 6'13" 46'27"
The Dark Cupboard
Rapier Bardatto Vault, Queen's Berth
Sold by Dimesa in The Treasure Trove in the Radiant Court district of Dunnage.
Rod Ruins of Amira's Roost: Hidden on the altar in the central room.
At the end of the quest The Shadow Under Neketaka.
Carried by Tekehu
Sabre Lair of the Ancient : Inside a container near the dragon.
The Sacred Stair : On animancer's body in Skipping Ahead
Poko Kohara ruins: On Beza's body on level 3
Crookspur: Sold by the generic merchant at the beach encampment.
Old City: On a corpse near a circle of Rotghast's corpses in the north, along the shore.
The Dark Cupboard
Given to the player by Captain Aeldys in Fort Deadlight, as a reward for siding with her during the quest Honor Among Thieves.
Received as part of the pre-order package
Acquired from Mad Morena in Undercroft after delivering her 3 crates of luminous adra and completing Goods and Services quest.
Scepter Dropped by Menzzago in the Glowing Outcrop on Splintered Reef, which is the island in the south-east corner of the world map.
Carried by Aloth
Reward for solving the puzzle in Hall of the Unseen (located south of Tikawara).
Spear Carried by Ruāsare
Can be looted from a chest in a puzzle-locked room in Cignath Mór during the quest Overgrowth.
Sayuka: Sold by Koami
Stiletto The Hanging Sepulchers: Hidden room in the southeast.
Delvers' Row: Carried by Rust
Sword (SoulBound) Found in the hideout in the northeast of the Old City Ruins beneath The Gullet district of Neketaka.
Queen's Berth : Given by Atello Valera in Family Pride
Engwithan dig site
While traveling in Neketaka, the Watcher can trigger a random encounter where a group of Skuldr and Cave Grubs are attacking a young girl, Kusi. After winning the fight, Kusi offers this sword to the Watcher.
Balefire Beacon : Inside table beside Captain Furrante.
Oathbinder's Sanctum: Gained by examining the "Ordinary Sword" found in the xaurip nest.
Periki's Overlook: Repaired for 1500 cp by Marihi
Wand The Orrery during Bekarna's Folly.
War bow Loot from corpse (protected by enemies) at Maukotu's Canopy, 17° 56' S, 45° 44' E, southwest of Neketaka.
Druid of Spring encountered in Hunting Season.
8'35" 36'38" In Drowned Barrows during the Nemnok quest.
War hammer Can be looted from an altar in the Sandswept Ruins on the island in the south-west corner of the world map. (You need to pull all four levels on the nearby pillars at the same time, to gain access to the altar.)
Bardatto Vault, Queen's Berth