List of unique armor (Deadfire)

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There are several unique armors in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, which can be further customized using the overhauled enchantment system.

List[edit | edit source]

Name Class Type Bonuses Location
Light armor Hide armor Radiant Court: Sold by Ramaso
Received from Captain Aeldys for completing Goods and Services.
Leather armor Worn by Aloth
Dropped by Ikorno
Delvers' Row: Sold by Ernezzo
Fort Deadlight: Worn by Benweth.
Padded armor Arkemyr's Manor: In the vault.
Dropped by Arteiro the Avenger, Captain of The Terror of the Deadfire, found patrolling between Port Maje and Dunnage. ( Only with -3 Total Reputation with Príncipi sen Patrena )
Worn by Maia Rua
Robe The Hanging Sepulchers: In the Forgotten Mausoleum, hidden above the tomb.
Worn by Vatnir. (Beast of Winter)
Loot from Bounty - Onadere the Siren at the Kua o Rikuhu islands.
Dropped by Menzzago in the Glowing Outcrop on Splintered Reef, which is the island in the south-east corner of the world map.
Medium armor Breastplate Worn by Atello Valera and can be obtained if you side with House Bardatto and kill the Valeras.
Periki's Overlook: Sold by Marihi

Only available if Devil was killed in her ending

Worn by Pallegina

Depends on her ending in the previous game

Worn by Captain Furrante.
Mail armor Acquired after completing series od assasinations for Dessiral in Dunnage and collecting map parts from targets. Map leads to a buried treasure on one of the islands.
Worn by Serafen
Fort Deadlight: Sold by a vendor.
Worn by Xoti
Scale armor Tatok, in Junvik village (Nemnok quest)
Dunnage, The Treasure Trove: Sold by Dimesa
Worn by Eder
Heavy armor Brigandine Dropped by Beina in the jungle area on the small island south-west of Hasongo.
Forgotten Catacomb: Dropped by the Death Guard fanatic.
Plate armor Dropped by Quartermaster Harka in the Sea-Lashed Crypt interior on Splintered Reef, which is the island in the south-east corner of the world map.
Worn by Ezzali Bardatto and can be obtained if you side with House Valera and kill the Bardattos.
Temple of Decline: Salvaged from the frozen elf by the gate. (Beast of Winter)
The Bridge Ablaze: In The Moment Of, on the falling Dyrwoodan warrior. (Beast of Winter)
Crookspur: Sold by the generic merchant at the beach encampment.