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Accessories are miscellaneous wearable items that provide additional bonuses throughout the game and form a core part of your load-out.

Headgear[edit | edit source]

Name Effects Location
Sold by Vektor in Tikawara.
  • Hawk-eye: +2 Perception, 15% of Hits coverted to Crits with Ranged weapons.
  • Duelist: +25% Action Speed with Daggers, Rapiers, and stilettos
Given to you by Captain Aeldys in the Deadlight Donjon in Fort Deadlight, as reward for completing the quest A Shrewd Proposition (Won't drop if you kill her instead).
  • Woedica's Wisdom: +1 Perception, +1 Religion, +1 Insight
Oathbinder's Sanctum: Dropped by the Inquisitor.
Swashbuckling: 15% Hit to Crit chance and 20% Crit damage With Daggers, Rapiers, Sabres, Stilettos, and Swords. Received from Serafen after reaching level 2 loyalty.
No special properties Worn by Hazanui Karu.
No special properties
  • Deadly Acumen: +2 Intellect +2 Power level for all poison keyword abilities
  • Shadow Fang: Melee attacks from stealth inflict raw damage over time
  • Toxic Coils: Grants Toxic Coils
Royal Deadfire Company Questline:Overgrowth (Refuse Galawain's Request).
  • Royal Plumage: +1 Intellect +1 Perception
  • +10 Accuracy -25% Recovery time for 15s when critically hit.
Kahanga Palace: Worn by the Queen
  • Authority: +1 intellect, Grants mantle of authority (+10 will against Mind Affliction attacks 5m aura)
  • Conspirator: +5 accuracy and +10% damage to flanked targets
Worn by Aloth if appropriate PoE1 choices.
Delvers' Row: Sold by The Spindle Man
  • Spell Scattering: -20% Damage taken from spells, -8 Accuracy with Spells.
  • Death Runes: Being near a killed enemy grants temporary Damage Reduction
Port Maje harbor: Sold by the outpost vendor.
  • Conduit: Receiving Shock Damage grants the wearer's attacks additional Shock Damage for a brief time
Worn by Ezzali Bardatto and can be obtained if you side with House Valera and kill the Bardattos.
  • Divine Knowledge: +2 Intellect, +1 Religion.
  • Shout of Hosts: Grants Shout of Hosts.
  • Heaven's Wrath: Grants Avenging Storm.
Queen's Berth: Sold by Wanika.
  • Falcon's Wings: 15% of incoming Hits converted to Grazes from Ranged weapons.
  • Raptor's Grip: -10% Recovery time with two-handed Melee weapons.
Crookspur: Sold by the generic merchant at the beach encampment.
  • Boil over: 33% chance to cast Boiling Spray at enemy when wearer is critically hit in melee
  • Seasoned Iron: +2 Burn armor rating
  • Hearth and Home: Grants Hearth and Home
Sold by Tiabo in the north-west part of the Sacred Stair district of Neketaka.
  • Helstone: 15% Chance to Reflect against Spells
  • Shifting Chroma: Grants Shifting Chroma
Serpent's Crown: Sold by Una in the daytime.
  • Pallid Countenance: +1 enemies Engaged, +1 Intellect, +1 Perception
Dropped by Quartermaster Harka in the Sea-Lashed Crypt interior on Splintered Reef, which is the island in the south-east corner of the world map.
  • Immortal Will: Grants Immortal Will (wearer is immune to interrupts while injured)
Delvers' Row: Sold by Imuani.
  • Beasts Cunning: +1 Perception Resistance to Resolve afflictions.
  • Against Claw and Horn: +10 accuracy against beasts.
Queen's Berth: Sold by Wanika.
  • Captain's Eye: Perception afflictions downgraded by 1 tier • -5 Deflection while Flanked
Received at the start of the game

Amulets[edit | edit source]

Name Effects Location
Carried by Eder (Dyrwood ending)
Carried by Eder (Night Market ending)
Tikawara: Received for completing Broodmother's Fury in a non-violent way.
  • SawBones: Grants Sawbones (Charges: 3)
  • Anatomist: +15% Healing done, 10% of Hits converted to Crits with weapons
Can be looted from a chest in Pāhowane Underground, which is reached during the quest Skipping Ahead.
  • Acid Repulsion: +2 Corrode Armour Rating
  • Transmuted Iron: All Damage from Acid or Poison attacks has a 33% chance to be converted into 15% Health for the wearer, +1 Constitution
  • Poison Purge: Grants Poison Purge
Outcast's Respite at 6'30" 31'26"
The Brass Citadel: Sold by the Orlan peddler
Received from Serafen after reaching loyalty 1
  • Faces of the Pendant: Grants Claim , Refusal
  • Claim: Modal Ability; +10% Damage taken from Melee attacks, +15% Damage with Melee attacks
  • Refusal: Modal Ability; -15% Damage from Melee attacks, -10% Damage with Melee attacks
Sayuka: Obtained from Marofeto Liano
  • Breath of Flames: Grants Breath of Flames
  • Call the Clutch: Grants Call the Clutch
  • Dragon Scales: +1 Burn Armour Rating, +1 Slash Armour Rating
Randomly found while searching for shipwrecks
  • Ghost Touched: +10 Accuracy against Spirits
  • Enlightened: +1 Intellect
Found near the Imposter's Lament, near Temple of Tangaloa ruins
  • Nimbus of Death (Death Godlike or Watcher only): 10% chance to instantly destroy a Kith or Beast with less than 100 Health on Hit
  • HeartFire (Fire Godlike Only): Convert 20% damage from Fire keyword attacks to Health
  • Lunar Heart (Moon Godlike Only): Grants Lunar Heart
  • Nature's Shelter (Nature Godlike Only): Only take 85% Damge when Flanked or suffering from Body Afflictions
  • Water of Life (Marine Godlike Only): Convert 50% Damge from Water keyword attacks to Health
  • Winged Steps (Avian Godlike Only): +20% Deflection against Disengagement attacks, +25% Stride
Recieved as a reward for the saving Giacolo in the Man of Chimes quest line.
  • Undecisive: Grants Undecisive; Random status effect granted until the end of combat: +5 Action Speed, 25 point All Damage Shield, -20% Hostile effect Duration, +1 Penetration, -10% Recovery Time, or +15% Stride)
Flamewalker Vessali
  • Heads, I Win: -75% Crit Damage taken
  • Tails, You Lose: +25% Crit Damage given

-Duration unknown, mentions first few but not tested.

Dropped during Bounty - Dhwrgas the Ascetic
  • Darkest Before Dawn: +1 Perception. At <25% Health, restores +5 Health per 3 sec over 15 sec and reduces damage taken by -75% for 12 sec
Gorecci Street: In the bucket (hidden)
  • Futility: -2% action speed to attacker for 35 sec when wearer hit in melee
Delvers' Row: Sold by The Spindle Man
  • Of Intellect: +1
  • Best Part of Waking Up: Grants the effects of Whiteleaf after a Rest
Bounty - Lady Epero Loot
  • Esteem: +1 Intellect
  • Ward of Favour: -15% Hostile effect duration
  • Boon of Favour: +15% Beneficial effect duration
Hasongo: Looted/Given by Sugaan during A Distant Light
  • Martyr's Memories: +2 Armour Rating against Spells, Grants Martyr's Memories (-100% Damage taken, Untargetable for 30.0 Sec, Petrified for 30.0 Sec)
Acquired during Bounty - Tāhae
  • Old Wisdom: +1 Intellect, +1 History, +1 Insight
This can be given to you by the Old Druid in the Upoho Wharo Woods. He is rather sceptical towards people from the cities but when you mention that you are chasing a god who will destroy his lands if you don't succeed (requires Survival 3) he will hand it over to you.

Cloaks[edit | edit source]

Name Effects Location
  • Tracker: +1 Perception, +2 Stealth
  • Bushwack: +15% Damage to weapon attacks made from stealth, +10 Accuracy to weapon attacks made from stealth, Attacks made from stealth Stun the target
Can be looted from a coin pile next to Jadaferlas the Ancient in the Lair of the Ancient in Ashen Maw.
Queen's Berth: Sold by Rebero.
Received for completing the Scavenger Hunt
Received by backers automatically.
  • Grounded: +3 Shock Armor Rating
  • Storm of Seven Bolts: Grants Storm of Seven Bolts: Seven arcs of lightning that deal 32-43 damage and bounce seven times, losing -20% damage per bounce (1 per rest)
  • Final Storm: Deals Shock damage to all surrounding characters on knockout
Iolfr's Raiments
  • Parabolic Weave: 20% Chance to Reflect against Spells
  • Visual Refraction: +8 Deflection against Ranged weapons, +2 Stealth
Sold by Dimesa in The Treasure Trove in the Radiant Court district of Dunnage.
  • Life of Suffering: +10% Damage taken
  • Blessed in Spirit: On Hurt (75% HP) Grants Spirit Shield
  • Built for Pain: On Bloodied (50%) Grants Ironskin
  • Cursed to Endure: On Near Death Grants Barring Deaths Door
In a crate in the Hidden Study of Drowned Barrows (at 8'35" 36'38"), reachable via Junvik Village on a lone island near the north edge of the world map.
  • Vestment of Skaen: +1 Resolve, Raw Damage retaliation Attack when Critically Hit in Melee
  • Bloodfire: While injured Burn Damage heals for 20% instead of dealing damage
Kohopa's Fang at 7'30" 47'3"
Quest reward for completing Eulogy for the Dead
  • Hidden Depths: +1 Quick Item Slots, +1 Weapon Sets
  • Steward of Memories: +5 All Defences except Deflection ( Increases with History skill)
Cave of Threshing 0° 28' S, 38° 32' E: Found in a sarcophagus in the southwest area of the map.
  • Escape Artist: The Magnificent Escape: When Bloodied or Near Death, receive immunity to engagement and +50 Deflection (1 per encounter)
  • Neither Here Nor There: +20 Deflection against disengagement attacks
The Sacred Stair: Sold by the temple vendor
  • Trollskin: +5 Health restored per 12 sec, -2 Burn and Corrode Armor Rating
Iolfr's Raiments
  • Rebuttal in Blood: When Critically Hit in melee, negate wearer's next Recovery
  • Pernicious Retribution: While stationary, receiving melee weapon Hits grants 3% melee Damage (Stacks 5 times), While stationary, melee weapon Hits grant a stacking 3% melee Action Speed bonus (Stacks 5 times)

Gloves[edit | edit source]

Name Effects Location
Periki's Overlook: Sold by Cuitztli.
Looted during Bounty - The Steel Preacher.
Iolfr's Raiments
Poko Kohara ruins: Inside level 1, in a chest within the secret chambers
Trapped (Mechanics: 1) and locked (Lock Level: 8) Chest in the eastern part of The Jagged Keep.
  • Slugger: +2 Might, 50% chance to knock targets down on Critical Hit
  • Reeling Blow: Cone attack that pushes and stuns target (2 per rest)
Queen's Berth: Sold by Wanika.
Sold by Dimesa in The Treasure Trove in the Radiant Court district of Dunnage.
The Dark Cupboard: Sold after completing Velvet Glove, Brass Fist
Old Battleground at 4° 49' S, 66° 29' E.

Rings[edit | edit source]

Name Effects Location
Serpent's Crown: Sold by Una in the daytime

Name Effects Location
Received at the start of the game by owners of Pillars of Eternity.
None Received for completing the Scavenger Hunt
  • Versatile: Gives +1 to an Attribute and a Skill determined by the User's class.
Looted from Bounty - Nomu the Marauder
  • Lush: Immune to hangovers from alcohol, if worn while drinking
Optional reward for saving Oswald duing Lost Dues in Good Faith
  • Inviolate: +3 Defenses per engagement (stacks 5 times), +2 Diplomacy
Fort Deadlight: In the shrine to Skaen.
Quest reward for finishing Harsh Medicine
  • Flame Ward: +3 Burn Armor Rating, +10 all Defenses against Fire attacks
  • Overwhelm: Being critically hit with a Fire attack will cause interrupt and give a -10 Will penalty for 30 sec
Dropped by Lord Admiral Imp in Queen's Berth, who appears during the task Bounty - Lord Admiral Imp.
Ori o Koīki: Sold by Kipeha.
Serpent's Crown: Sold by Una in the daytime.
The Dark Cupboard
Delvers' Row: Sold by The Spindle Man
The Brass Citadel: Sold by the Orlan peddler
  • Marksmanship: +8 Ranged Accuracy with Ranged weapons, +1 Penetration with Ranged weapons
Queen's Berth: Dropped by Royal Deadfire Company sailors above The Wild Mare during A Bigger Fish
Looted from Bounty - Pūrākau, located at 26° 58' S, 45° 9' E.
Sold by Dimesa in The Treasure Trove in the Radiant Court district of Dunnage.

Boots[edit | edit source]

Name Effects Location
Scripted event in Whēnura Cleft at 8° 4' S, 56° 56' E.
Dropped by a Mercenary Paladin on the Spire of the Soul-Seers rooftop during the quest Skipping Ahead (after you return from the second experiment).

Belts[edit | edit source]

Name Effects Location
  • Safe Travels: +1 Constitution, Dexterity afflictions downgraded one tier
The Dark Cupboard
Old City: Dropped by the rotghasts that attack you after collecting Min's Fortune.
Iolfr's Raiments
  • Spell Defense: +5 all defenses except deflection against spells
  • Spell Cache: Spell Cache: Summons a random scroll into an empty quick slot at the start of combat (2 per rest)
The Dark Cupboard
The Sacred Stair: Sold by Tiabo in the north-west part of the map, near the entrance to the second floor of the Spire of the Soul-Seers.
Grants Reforge the Flesh upon becoming Near Death (1/rest) Dropped during Bounty - Torkar
  • Dig Deep: +1 Athletics
  • Grit: Incoming weapon damage reduced by 10% (stacks three times as health is lost, for a max of-30% to damage)
  • Of Constitution: +1 Constitution
Delvers' Row: Sold by Imuani.
Given to you by Captain Furrante in the Balefire Beacon in Dunnage, as reward for completing the quest Symbols of Death.