Pillars of Eternity: The White March (Original Soundtrack)

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Pillars of Eternity: The White March (Original Soundtrack)
Wm Soundtrack Cover.jpg
Soundtrack album by Justin E. Bell
March 8, 2016 (SoundCloud)
April 26, 2017 (Backers)
Orchestral, classical, folk, ambient
33:25 / 47:49
Dark Rock Industries Limited,
Obsidian Entertainment
Justin E. Bell

Pillars of Eternity: The White March (Original Soundtrack) is the official soundtrack to The White March - Part I and The White March - Part II expansions for Pillars of Eternity. It was arranged and composed by Justin E. Bell, with the major tracks being recorded with a live orchestra[1]. The soundtrack received praise by fans, who saw it as a step above the already well-received soundtrack to the base game.

History[edit | edit source]

Shortly after the release of The White March - Part I, there was some desire in the community for an official release of the new tracks added to the game. Justin Bell confirmed on the Obsidian forums that they would not be updating the soundtrack to the base game[2], but that perhaps a dedicated soundtrack could be released after the completion of The White March - Part II[3].

6 months later, on the 8th of March following the release of The White March - Part II, Justin Bell announced that The White March soundtrack would be available to listen for free on SoundCloud[4][5], however, it was to the dismay of many fans who still wanted to be able to purchase the soundtrack in a higher quality, offline format.

Much later, when the campaign for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire was announced on Fig, backers could pay $65 (or more) for the "Ultimate Digital Edition" rewards tier[6], and receive music including 11 tracks from The White March parts II and II "..unavailable anywhere else", 43 previously unreleased tracks from Pillars of Eternity, as well as the 26 tracks from the original soundtrack - all included as part of a "Digital Deluxe Edition" soundtrack[7]. These soundtracks could also be purchased individually as a backer reward for $15.00 USD for the Deluxe Edition OST, and $9 USD for The White March OST.[8] On April 26, 2017, these soundtracks became available to backers via the Backer Portal - and included 9 more tracks from The White March, to a total of 20 tracks.

Currently, the soundtrack to The White March has not seen a widespread standalone commercial release, outside of the tracks bundled with the aforementioned deluxe edition. However, it has been published to CD Baby[9] - which is currently the only way to get the full soundtrack, other than having previously backed the appropriate tiers in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire's Fig campaign.

Track list[edit | edit source]

Three versions of The White March soundtrack are available; the 12 track SoundCloud version, and the full release containing 20 tracks, which is available on CD Baby as well as being contained in the Digital Deluxe Edition soundtrack. The full release adds 7 more tracks, though many of them are minor variants from tracks in Pillars of Eternity (Original Soundtrack).

There are minor differences between the CD Baby version, and the Digital Deluxe Edition's version - mainly being the track order, and title punctuation, but also the omission of the track "Mercenary Camp" from the CD Baby version. However, this may be because the track is a duplicate, an earlier version of the track "The Torn Bannerman". The Digital Deluxe Edition also prefixes all The White March tracks. Otherwise, the tracks contained are the same.

Pillars of Eternity: The White March (Original Soundtrack)
No. Title Length
1. "The Watcher Prevails" 4:05
2. "Abydons Shell" 2:10
3. "All Gods Lie, the Truth Only Gets in Their Way" 1:45
4. "At the Gates (Durgan's Battery Exterior)" 2:46
5. "Durgan's Battery" 4:47
6. "Mercenary Camp" 1:22
7. "Stalwart Village" 5:33
8. "The Ogre Matron" 1:44
9. "The Sea And Her Love (Gref's Rest Song)" 1:21
10. "The White Forge" 0:35
11. "The White March (Wilderness Music)" 5:49
12. "Abbey of the Fallen Moon" 3:27
13. "Cayron's Scar" 2:10
14. "Crashed Upon the Shield Redux"
(Alternate mix of "Crashed Upon the Shield")
15. "Eye of The Storm" 1:26
16. "Stalwart Collusion" 0:20
17. "The Harbingers of Doom Redux" 1:05
18. "The Torn Bannermen" (Alternate mix of "Mercenary Camp") 1:22
19. "The White March Part II Trailer" 1:34
20. "Zahua's Vision" (Alternate mix of "Oldsong") 3:29
Total length 47:49
CD Baby version
No. Title Length
1. "Stalwart Village" 5:33
2. "The White March" 5:43
3. "The Sea and Her Love" 1:21
4. "The Watcher Prevails" 4:06
5. "At The Gates" 2:46
6. "Durgan's Battery" 4:47
7. "The Ogre Matron" 1:44
8. "Eye of the Storm" 1:26
9. "Abydon's Shell" 2:10
10. "All Gods Lie, the Truth Only Gets in Their Way" 1:45
11. "The White Forge" 0:35
12. "Cayron's Scar" 2:10
13. "Crashed Upon the Shield Redux" 1:01
14. "Stalwart Collusion" 0:20
15. "The Harbingers of Doom Redux 1:05
16. "The Torn Bannerman" 1:22
17. "The White March, Pt. II Trailer" 1:34
18. "Abbey of the Fallen Moon" 3:27
19. "Zahua's Vision" 3:39
Total length 44:11
SoundCloud version
No. Title Length
1. "Stalwart Village" 5:32
2. "The White March (Wilderness Exploration Music)" 5:49
3. "The Watcher Prevails (Boss Combat Music)" 4:05
4. "The White March Part II Trailer" 1:33
5. "The White Forge" 0:35
6. "At The Gates (Durgan's Battery Exterior)" 2:46
7. "The Sea And Her Love (Gref's Rest Song) (Also used in Deadfire)" 1:21
8. "Durgan's Battery" 4:46
9. "The Ogre Matron" 1:43
10. "All Gods Lie, The Truth Only Gets In Their Way" 1:44
11. "Mercenary Camp" 1:21
12. "Abydon's Shell" 2:10
Total length 33:25

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