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A Part is an item type in Pillars of Eternity. They are needed to craft or enchant items and go in the ingredients inventory. Parts can be looted from dead creatures and bought from shops.

Types of Parts[edit | edit source]

Icon Name
Skuldr ear icon.png Skuldr Ear
Ogre blood icon.png Ogre Blood
Adra scale icon.png Adra Dragon Scale
Awakened wood icon.png Awakened Wood
Awakened adra icon.png Awakened Adra
Awakened root icon.png Awakened Root
Beetle shell icon.png Beetle Shell
Binding copper icon.png Binding Copper
Dank spores icon.png Dank Spores
Drake talon icon.png Drake Talon
Ooze plasma icon.png Ooze Plasma
Primal flame icon.png Primal Flame
Primal earth icon.png Primal Rock
Primal water icon.png Primal Water
Primal wind icon.png Primal Wind
Skydragon eye icon.png Sky Dragon Eye
Spear spider leg icon.png Spear Spider Leg
Spider venom sac icon.png Spider Venom Sac
Spirit residue icon.png Spirit Residue
Stelgaer tooth icon.png Stelgaer Tooth
Troll skin icon.png Troll Skin
Vessel bone icon.png Vessel Bone
Vessel flesh icon.png Vessel Flesh
Vithrack brain icon.png Vithrack Brain
Wurm wing icon.png Wurm Wing
Xaurip tongue icon.png Xaurip Tongue