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Meditate on those who came before you

And those who go beyond you.

Remember first your father

And last your younger brother,

But know all Pargrunen as kin.

~ Pargrunen teachings, Durgan's Battery

The Pargrunen are a distinct culture of the Aptapo or mountain dwarves, renowned as great explorers, builders, and miners. They originate from Old Vailia, although their natural wanderlust led them to establish fortresses across Eora, including locations such as Rauatai, the Living Lands, and the White March.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Pargrunen culture is unique to the Aptapo dwarves, originating in the territories of Old Vailia, the oldest of kith empires. Although they are driven by wanderlust to explore and settle new territories, their culture emphasizes the unity of the Pargrunen people through their distinct identity and kinship: All Pargrunen are kin regardless of where they live. To keep their history alive, the dwarves maintain many traditions, such as cantecs (chants and rituals of purpose, used to gain access to Pargrunen holds). Furthermore, centers of Pargrunen colonization would also exchange stone tables reminding them of their common root and tradition and maintaining grand map rooms where masterfully crafted globes would show each center's location on Eora.[1]

The Pargrunen are known not only as great explorers and builders, but also as experts in the field of mining, smithing, engineering, mechanics, and animancy (the precise field of competence depends greatly on the community). To survive perilous underground environments, they've developed a variety of cloaks, capes, and hoods that protect wearers from poisonous vapors.[2]

Known communities[edit | edit source]

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