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Disambig.png This article is about paladin abilities in Pillars of Eternity. For paladin abilities in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, see Paladin abilities (Deadfire).

The following is a list of paladin abilities in Pillars of Eternity. For more information see the Paladin class page.

List of abilities[edit | edit source]

Unique ability types
  • Zealous Auras – Modal buffs that affect all allies within 4 meters.
  • Exhortations – Single target buffs.
Ability Acquirable
at level
Activation Effects Speed Duration Description
Paladin passive icon.png Faith And Conviction 1 Passive
  • Self: +4 Deflection (base)
  • Self: +8 Fortitude (base)
  • Self: +8 Reflex (base)
  • Self: +8 Will (base)
A paladin's Defenses are directly affected by the degree to which he or she acts with accordance with the beliefs of his or her order. A bonus or penalty is applied to Defense based on how well the paladin's Reputation align with his or her order's preferred behaviors.
Flames of devotion icon.png Flames of Devotion 1 Active Instant Calls upon the paladin's inner fire, causing their equipped weapons to burst into flame and adding Burn damage to their next attacks.
Lay on hands icon.png Lay on Hands 1 Active
  • Allied Target: +53.3 Endurance over time
Average 5.0 seconds Fueled solely by belief, the paladin is able to heal with the touch of his or her hands, recovering a substantial amount of Endurance for the paladin or an ally within range.
Zealous charge icon.png Zealous Charge 3 Modal Instant Inspires the paladin and all nearby allies to charge fiercely into battle, increasing their Movement Speed and Disengagement Defense. Cannot be active with other Zealous auras.
Zealous endurance icon.png Zealous Endurance 3 Modal
  • Friendly Aura: +3 Damage Reduction (DR)
  • Friendly Aura: +15% of incoming Hits converted to Grazes
Instant Fills the paladin and his or her allies with unshakable confidence, increasing their Damage Reduction and converting a portion of incoming Hits to Grazes. Cannot be active with other Zealous auras.
Zealous focus icon.png Zealous Focus 3 Modal
  • Friendly Aura: +6 Accuracy
  • Friendly Aura: +15% of Grazes converted to Hits
Instant The paladin's intense and pure conviction instills clarity of purpose in him or her and all allies, increasing their Accuracy and converting a portion of Grazes to Hits. Cannot be active with other Zealous auras.
Paladin passive icon.png Inspiring Triumph 5 Passive
  • Allied AoE: +7 All Defenses
Average 10.0 seconds Inspires all allies in the vicinity when the paladin downs an enemy, providing a temporary bonus to all Defenses.
Liberating exhortation icon.png Liberating Exhortation 5 Active
  • Friendly Target: Hostile effects suspended
Fast 20.0 seconds Commands an ally to summon all their strength in order to temporarily ignore existing hostile effects. The effects will resume once Liberating Exhortation ends.
Sworn enemy icon.png Sworn Enemy 5 Active Average Marks an enemy as the focus of the paladin's righteous fury, granting Accuracy and Damage bonuses against the target until combat ends or the target goes down.
Paladin passive icon.png Aegis of Loyalty [WM2] 7 Passive Confused, Charmed, and Dominated characters have severe Accuracy penalties when attacking the paladin. Additionally, the paladin's attacks against such characters do minimal damage and always end the effect.
Paladin passive icon.png Coordinated Attacks 7 Passive
  • Self: +10 Accuracy granted to an ally attacking the same target
The paladin fights in perfect synergy with the closest ally attacking the same foe, providing the ally with an Accuracy bonus.
Deprive the unworthy icon.png Deprive the Unworthy 7 Active
  • Foe Target: Beneficial effects suspended
Average 20.0 seconds The paladin temporarily snuffs out all active beneficial effects on a single foe. The effects resume once Deprive the Unworthy ends.
Reviving exhortation icon.png Reviving Exhortation 7 Active
  • Friendly Target: Revive with 300 Endurance
  • Friendly Target: -50 Endurance after 15 seconds
Average 15.0 seconds Commands an unconscious ally to get back up, giving a large, but temporary, spike to Endurance - some of which is lost after a short duration.
Hastening exhortation icon.png Hastening Exhortation 9 Active Fast 30.0 seconds Inspires urgency in one of the paladin's allies, increasing his or her Attack Speed.
Reinforcing exhortation icon.png Reinforcing Exhortation 9 Active
  • Allied Target: +25 Deflection
Fast 20.0 seconds Commands an ally to redouble their efforts, improving their Deflection.
Paladin passive icon.png Righteous Soul 9 Passive The paladin's pure soul resists all invading forces, granting a bonus to defense against Poison and Disease as well as the Charmed, Dominated, Frightened and Terrified effects - these effects also have their durations reduced by 5 seconds.
Healing chain icon.png Healing Chain [WM1] 11 Active
  • Allied Target: +50 Endurance
  • Allied Jump Targets (x5): +50 Endurance
Average The paladin targets a single ally for healing, but the effect continues to jump between allies up to six times (including the initial hit).
Abjuration icon.png Abjuration [WM2] 13 Active
  • Spirit/Summoned Creature: Destroyed if lower level than paladin
  • Spirit/Summoned Creature: 65-75 Raw Damage if equal of higher level than paladin
Average Through force of will, the paladin can destroy any spirit or summoned creature below the paladin's level. Spirits and summoned creatures equal to or greater than the paladin's level take Raw damage.
Sacred immolation icon.png Sacred Immolation [WM1] 13 Active
  • Self: 5 Raw Damage
  • Foe AoE: 20-30 Burn damage
  • Allied AoE: +10 Endurance
Average 30.0 seconds The paladin focuses his or her faith and self-immolates in blue flame. Each time the ability pulses, the paladin takes a small amount of Raw damage, but enemies in the area take Burn damage. Allies receive a small amount of Endurance.
Behold the martyr icon.png Behold the Martyr [WM2] 15 Active
  • Foe AoE: -8 Damage Reduction (DR) over 3 seconds
  • Foe AoE: -25% Attack Speed over 3 seconds
  • Friendly AoE: +8 Damage Reduction (DR) over 3 seconds
  • Friendly AoE: +25% Attack Speed over 3 seconds
Average 15.0 seconds The paladin targets a fallen ally, creating a pulsing beacon over them that increases the Speed and Damage Reduction of nearby allies while decreasing the Speed and Damage Reduction of nearby enemies. The beacon disappears if the ally is revived. If the paladin is knocked out in battle, this ability

Cut abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Zealous Barrage (Modal) – The paladin and all allies standing within 3m have their attack and ability speed increased.