Padded armor

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Padded armor
Item Type Light Armor
Base DR 4
Elemental DR Burn: 3
Freeze: 4
Shock: 4
Corrode: 3
Slash: 4
Pierce: 5
Crush: 5
Recovery Speed -20%
Value 40cp

Padded armor is a type of armor in Pillars of Eternity.

In-game Description[edit | edit source]

Padded armor consists of heavily quilted wool or linen and offers modest protection against crushing attacks. Though it cannot protect against heavy attacks, it does not slow its wearers down much.

Types of Padded Armor[edit | edit source]

Image Name Damage Resistance Enhancements Location
Padded-armor-icon.png Padded Armor 4
  • None
Sold by Heodan at the Encampment for 300Copper pands (cp)
Padded armor fine icon.png Fine Padded Armor 6
Padded armor exceptional icon.png Exceptional Padded Armor 8
Padded armor angios gambeson icon.png Angio's Gambeson 6
Padded armor jack of wide waters icon.png Jack of Wide Waters 8
Padded armor vengiatta rugia icon.png Vengiatta Rugia 10
Padded armor elryns jacket icon.png Elryn's Jacket 8 Trapped chest in Brute Quarters, Luminescent Caves, Stalwart Mines, Stalwart Village [WM2]

Acquisition[edit | edit source]