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Disable the machine
Leave the machine operating
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A Matter of Import

Overgrowth is a quest in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Fleet Master Okaya has asked the Watcher to discover the source of a magical disturbance causing the coral in Sayuka's port to grow out of control.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • This quest will begin on completion of A Matter of Import, after talking to Fleet Master Okaya. She will ask you to pay a visit to the recently-arrived Iverra at the workshop on Sayuka to find out what they've learned.
  • Upon entering the workshop, Iverra is in conversation with one of the Coralmason. They've determined that the wild coral growths are being caused by a source of magical disturbance that lies somewhere in the deep sea to the southeast of the island, the location of Cignath Mór, an old drowned Engwithan ruin. Iverra hands you her masterpiece, a set of Diving Equipment.
  • Leave the workshop, and you'll immediately be thrown into a yet another problem Sayuka is facing, Bog Druids. This starts Hunting Season, though it is unrelated to this quest.
  • Leave Sayuka and travel just southeast of the island to a new icon on the world map. Interact with it to dive down to the Engwithan ruin.
Cignath Mór
  • As you swim down to approach the ruins, you come to a magical barrier, which is holding back the water from consuming the area entirely. and creating a large pocket of breathable air surrounding the ruins.
  • See the main article, Cignath Mór, for a walkthrough on this area. Once you get to the lower level (and after slaughtering a bunch of seafolk) you will find the adra machine, the cause of the coral growths. It is under the protection of Galawain, who explains that it is feeding the creatures in the area, strengthening them so that they become "..strong and ruthless - and in so doing, worthy of [his] regard." You can do one of two things:
    • Disable the Engwithan machine that makes the corals grow. This will anger Galawain, who confronts you with a Kraken to fight on your way out of the structure. You can loot the unique helm Mask of the Grotto Deep and a Kraken's Eye off him. This result is preferred by the Fleet Master.
    • Leave the machine operating and disable three pylons to flood the ruins. If you attempt to disable the machine first, Galawain promises you a boon for disabling the pylons instead. Once the ruins are flooded, you dive up to your ship; the watcher must pass a Mechanics 9 or Athletics 10 check to avoid injury. If Galawain promised a boon, the watcher gains Savage Cunning (+1 Perception, +2 Survival). upon returning to the surface. The Fleet Master is unhappy with this result, which leads to a moderate reputation loss with the Royal Deadfire Company. The reputation loss can be recouped by passing a diplomacy check.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Diving down to Cignath Mór