Ondra's Gift

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Ondra's Gift
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Ondra's Gift is a district of Defiance Bay in Pillars of Eternity.

Background[edit | edit source]

Ondra's Gift is the poorest district in Defiance Bay, named as such due to the fact it was built on swamps drained by imperial engineers. Protected from the sea by a vast adra levee, the district is the beating heart of the city's economy and its gateway to the world. As such, it's filled with sailors, commoners, traders, thugs, and everyone else who stands to profit from all the commerce flowing to and from the city. The scars left by the War of Defiance have been covered well, but an entire section of the district remains flooded, the remains of buildings used as foundation for piers and quays.[1][2]

The floods were deliberately engineered at the end of the War of Defiance, as one of the finishing blows to the Aedyran military. The whole district was supposed to be evacuated, but not everyone left in time and the Aedyrans put anyone they found to the sword. The lucky ones who escaped the slaughter drowned hours later when Hadret's forces broke the dams to eliminate the Aedyran military. Though much of the district was reclaimed, the sheer number of casualties led to the rise of numerous superstitions, particularly ones tied to the abandoned lighthouse.

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

  • Ondra's Gift houses the public docks of Defiance Bay, along with the Salty Mast tavern/brothel and a defunct Lighthouse. Players can explore the shallows of the docks during the night, when the tide is low. At day, however, the tide comes in and it becomes impassable. For game purposes, night is between 19:00 and 6:00. Exploring the shallows is required for several quests, plus can bring a bit of plunder.
  • The upper street is essentially the slum area of the Bay, where the refugees, junkies, and other unfortunates live. The addict hovel is here, followed by Kolfecg's house, and another abandoned house, before ending at the exit to Heritage Hill.
  • The middle section starts, from the west, with an unmarked house with some backer characters and Bragan standing nearby. Down the stairs is the ramshackle house (locked), followed by the Vailian Trading Company warehouse and Pallegina. Just next to it stands Cartugo, the Vailian trader, while Imatl paces the dock just to the south.
  • To the southwest lies the lighthouse, haunted by a banshee. Further down is a young sailor named Marceno.
  • Finally, to the east lies The Salty Mast, the local brothel and tavern. Curnd sets up shop at night in an alley to the northeast.

Locations[edit | edit source]

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Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Cartugo, a merchant of the Vailian Trading Company
  • Curnd, a black market trader
  • Bragan, a thug
  • Imatl, the lone survivor.
  • Marceno, a crewman with a problem.
  • Niah, legal owner of the lighthouse.
  • [[ Waldr "Three Fingers"‎ ]] and "Lefty" Lisc, a pair of ruffians.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Tasks[edit | edit source]

Notable loot[edit | edit source]

Hidden stashes[edit | edit source]

Note: Scouting Mode or high Mechanics required to detect these.
  • A container, up the stairs from Odda's House, just around the corner from the western Abandoned House.
  • Some mud in the shallows southeast of the Salty Mast, near Derrin, only accessible at low tide in the daytime.
  • Some more mud in the shallows west of the Salty Mast, in the canal leading to the bridge, again only accessible during the day.
  • A wooden box in the shallows southwest of the Salty Mast, only accessible at low tide.
  • A sack "under a board" on the branching off gangplank in the southeast.
  • A loose brick in the eastern Abandoned House.
  • A loose brick in the Ramshackle House.
  • A loose brick in the first floor of the Lighthouse.

References[edit | edit source]