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  • Cresting Waves under a crescent moon

Ondra (AHN-drah) is the goddess of all seas and oceans, who according to legend was in love with the moon. She is venerated by fishermen, sailors, those who live near water, and those who mourn loss - especially love.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

The legends of Ondra are old compared to those of other gods, those of her romance with the moon are especially spread. In the stories Ondra attempts to touch the moon, causing a part of it to fall in her depths resulting into horrible catastrophes over the world. Ondra still pursues the moon, which people believe cause the tides, and that tidal waves and tsunamis are caused by her more forceful advances.

Ondra is one of the few gods that doesn't have a physical shape in legends, also she is never known to speak. She is imagined as a goddess who listens without judgment, and as such many use the seas as confessional.

"Ondra's Hair" are long, shifting pillars of water that appear on the surface of oceans and seas. They are the most direct representation of Ondra, and people believe they manifest to thwart and punish plunderers of the sea.

Worshipers[edit | edit source]

Ondra's Giftbearers are a group which collects trinkets, love notes, and other objects from people that live far from the sea in exchange for a small fee. These objects are then cast to the ocean or sea, and dropped in a particularly deep spot during a ceremony. There have been some cases of Giftbearers abusing their responsibility, which led to them being mistrusted or even attacked in some areas.

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