Old Vailia

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Old Vailia
Type Fractured empire
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Nothing endures forever. Even the foundations of Old Vailia eventually cracked and crumbled under the weight of two thousand years.
~ Renengild

Old Vailia is the now-defunct Grand Empire of Vailia, located in the Southern hemisphere. Humans and dwarves are common.

Background[edit | edit source]

Once the crown jewel of the southern seas, Old Vailia is now the crumbled remnants of an empire of warring merchant nations. Counting many humans and dwarves among their ranks, the Old Vailian countries are still forces to be reckoned with and are proud of their rich cultural heritage. The southernmost of the Old Empires, Old Vailia suffered a similar fate to their northern neighbors, the Aedyrans, in losing their most prosperous colonial territories, the Vailian Republics. Many Old Vailians in the Deadfire Archipelago are associated with the Principi sen Patrena, a vast coalition of pirates.[1]

The Grand Empire of Vailia lasted for about 1500 years but has collapsed by the current day.[2] Once the crown jewel of the southern seas, the crumbling island nations of Old Vailia sit thousands of miles to the southwest of their offshoot, the Vailian Republics (a colonization effort that took place few centuries before). They are renowned for their great culture and history of accomplishments, though the rest of the world considers them to be far past their prime. The nations that once made up the empire are engaged in a continuous war for dominance that has been going on (and off, and on again) for over two hundred years.[2]

Technology[edit | edit source]

  • The Dyrwood calendar (Anni Iroccio) is based on earlier Vailia calendar. The Vailians pioneered cartography and theories of the world's shape.

References[edit source]

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