Of Intellect 2 Endurance

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Of Intellect 2 Endurance

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Of Intellect 2 Endurance is a unique enchantment in Pillars of Eternity, called simply Of Intellect 2 in-game, which is not to be confused with the craftable enchantment of the same name.

It cannot be applied to items, but the enchantment can be found on unique equipment throughout Eora.



  • This enchantment replaced the original Unconquerable on Drinking Horn of Moderation (which in addition applies a +25% Focus gain while Endurance above 50%). But due to game bugs, items with that enchantment would apply a 0.25 focus multiplier instead of the intended 1.25, causing focus gain to drop drastically. Due to another bug with the Unconquerable enchantment, both the focus multiplier and the intellect buff would become permanent, and would trigger repeatedly, causing intellect to eventually reach ridiculously high values and focus gain to effectively disappear entirely.[1]
  • Patch v1.03 retroactively fixed stats on already broken characters (via save/reload) but didn't fix the actual items, which were still broken.[2] This patch also removed the focus gain from Drinking Horn of Moderation.[3]
  • Patch v1.04 fixed the affected items.[4] Verify: all affected items fixed?

Items with Of Intellect 2 Endurance enchantment[edit]

Icon Name Item type Enchantments
Drinking horn icon.png Drinking Horn of Moderation Amulet