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Ninagauth's Black Pages

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Ninagauth's Black Pages [WM1]
Ninagauths black pages icon.png
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Grimoire spells
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Ninagauth's Black Pages is a grimoire in Pillars of Eternity: The White March - Part I.

Description[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.
The infamous archmage Ninagauth is a prolific author, and has taken on several apprentices, though none have yet achieved the fame - or longevity - of their master. Those fortunate enough to have glimpsed Ninagauths' grimoires typically describe the man's diagrams and writing as nearly indecipherable, but the power of the spells held within is undeniable.

Known Spells[edit | edit source]

1st Level:

Image Spellname Description Price
Chill fog icon.png Chill Fog
  • Calls a blindingly white icy fog into existence, inflicting Blindness and Freeze damage over time to any in the area of effect.
  • 100 Copper pands (cp)
Eldritch aim icon.png Eldritch Aim
  • Grants the caster otherworldly sight, resulting in preternatural Accuracy for a short period.
  • 100 Copper pands (cp)
Kalakoths sunless grasp icon.png Kalakoth's Sunless Grasp
  • The caster's hands become so cold as to freeze what they touch. Does Freeze damage to a target and reduces its Accuracy.
  • 100 Copper pands (cp)
Spirit shield icon.png Spirit Shield
  • Surrounds the caster with a shield of spirit energy, granting an increased Damage Reduction and a Concentration bonus.
  • 100 Copper pands (cp)

2st Level:

Image Spellname Description Price
Combusting wounds icon.png Combusting Wounds
  • Causes enemy wounds in the area of effect to ignite, inflicting additional Burn damage over time each time they are wounded.
  • 200 Copper pands (cp)
Curse of blackened sight icon.png Curse of Blackened Sight
  • Shrouds the targets' vision in total darkness, Blinding them.
  • 200 Copper pands (cp)
Fetid caress icon.png Fetid Caress
  • The target becomes Paralyzed, afflicted with boiling pustules of foul-smelling liquid that erupt from their skin, Sickening those nearby.
  • 200 Copper pands (cp)
Infuse with vital essence icon.png Infuse With Vital Essence
  • Infuses the caster with vitality, giving them a temporary increase to maximum Endurance and Health.
  • 200 Copper pands (cp)

3rd Level:

Image Spellname Description Price
Arcane dampener icon.png Arcane Dampener
  • Creates a nullifying field of antagonistic magical energy around the chosen point, suppressing all beneficial effects on enemies in the area of effect.
  • 300 Copper pands (cp)
Expose vulnerabilities icon.png Expose Vulnerabilities
  • Bares the enemies' combat vulnerabilities for all to see, reducing their Damage Reduction, Deflection, and Concentration.
  • 300 Copper pands (cp)
Minolettas bounding missiles icon.png Minoletta's Bounding Missiles
  • Summons three missiles that pierce through the target and leap to two additional targets, each.
  • 300 Copper pands (cp)
Noxious burst icon.png Noxious Burst
  • Spews forth a poisonous cloud of foulness that causes Corrode damage and leaves victims Sickened.
  • 300 Copper pands (cp)

4th Level:

Image Spellname Description Price
Dimensional shift icon.png Dimensional Shift
  • Switches the locations of the caster and one ally, leaving a shockwave between them that Stuns all caught in the line of fire.
  • 400 Copper pands (cp)
Essential phantom icon.png Essential Phantom
  • Summons a ghostly double of the caster that fights with its bare hands, doing Shock damage. Other than the appearance of the caster, it shares no other properties.
  • 400 Copper pands (cp)
Ninagauths death ray icon.png Ninagauth's Death Ray
  • This more powerful variant of the common Ray of Fire spell inflicts Raw damage, attacks the targets' Fortitude, and only affects enemies.
  • 400 Copper pands (cp)
Ninagauths shadowflame icon.png Ninagauth's Shadowflame
  • A curious variant of the ever-popular Fireball, Ninagauth's Shadowflame causes Freeze damage and Paralyzes anyone caught in the area of effect.
  • 400 Copper pands (cp)

5th Level:

Image Spellname Description Price
Blast of frost icon.png Blast of Frost
  • Creates a bitter surge of ice and freezing cold air, inflicting Freeze damage on anyone caught in the conical area of effect.
  • 500 Copper pands (cp)
Call to slumber icon.png Call to Slumber
  • Causes a group of enemies to momentarily fall asleep, falling Unconscious for a short duration.
  • 500 Copper pands (cp)
Ninagauths bitter mooring icon.png Ninagauth's Bitter Mooring
  • The target is hit with a Stuck affliction and becomes an anchor for a frigid ray of energy from the wizard that does Freeze damage to creatures in its path.
  • 500 Copper pands (cp)
Wall of force icon.png Wall of Force
  • Creates a semi-permeable barrier that inflicts Crush damage and Hobbles enemies when they pass through it, but leaves allies unscathed.
  • 500 Copper pands (cp)

6th Level:

Image Spellname Description Price
Arcane reflection icon.png Arcane Reflection
  • Creates a field of arcane energy around the caster, reflecting hostile targeted spells up to 5th level back at their casters (for a total of 15 spell levels).
  • 600 Copper pands (cp)
Chain lightning icon.png Chain Lightning
  • The caster calls forth a tremendous bolt of electricity that arcs directly to a single target and then jumps between up to six nearby enemies. Others in the area of effect are not harmed by the arcane lightning.
  • 600 Copper pands (cp)
Gaze of the adragan icon.png Gaze of the Adragan
  • Gives the caster the mystifying gaze of the adra creature that provides the spell's namesake, Petrifying enemies within the area of effect.
  • 600 Copper pands (cp)
Ninagauths freezing pillar icon.png Ninagauth's Freezing Pillar
  • Calls down an enormous spike of ice, pulsing Freeze damage on enemies in the area of effect and creating an intense circle of frost that can Hobble foes it touches.
  • 600 Copper pands (cp)

7th Level:

Image Spellname Description Price
Ninagauths killing bolt icon.png Ninagauth's Killing Bolt
  • This spell inflicts a heavy amount of Raw damage to the target. Any non-Spirit felled by the attack will summon a Spectre under the caster's control.
  • 700 Copper pands (cp)
Tayns chaotic orb icon.png Tayn's Chaotic Orb
  • Named for the eccentric Aedyran wizard Tayn, the chaotic orb bounces between a number of enemies, dealing damage and inflicting a variety of negative Afflictions including Petrified, Paralyzed, Weakened, Sickened, Stunned, and Blinded.
  • 700 Copper pands (cp)

Location[edit | edit source]