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A new feature in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, multiclass characters can select powers from two classes, but gain access to higher level powers more slowly and cannot access their classes' highest level powers. Single class characters are entirely focused on their chosen class. They gain access to higher level powers more quickly. Multiclass characters are generally not recommended for new players.

Multiclassing rules[edit | edit source]

  • Multiclassing combines two into one. As stated above, multiclass characters cannot access highest level powers (VIII and IX) of the two classes they combine and gain them more slowly: They can only choose one ability per level between the two classes. Furthermore, skill bonuses from classes are averaged between the two classes.

Class names[edit | edit source]

Each multiclass has an unique name associated with it. The name has no effect on gameplay.

Primary class Secondary class
Howler Witch Tempest Brute Ravager Fanatic Shaman Savage Marauder Warlock
Howler Spiritualist Theurge War Caller Cantor Herald Celebrant Wildrhymer Harbinger Loremaster
Witch Spiritualist Oracle Psyblade Transcendent Inquisitor Mystic Seer Mindstalker Hierophant
Tempest Theurge Oracle Warden Ascetic Liberator Universalist Beastmaster Pathfinder Sorcerer
Brute War Caller Psyblade Warden Brawler Crusader Cleric Hunter Swashbuckler Battlemage
Ravager Cantor Transcendent Ascetic Brawler Votary Contemplative Wanderer Shadowdancer Sage
Fanatic Herald Inquisitor Liberator Crusader Votary Templar Shepherd Holy Slayer Arcane Knight
Shaman Celebrant Mystic Universalist Cleric Contemplative Templar Itinerant Zealot Thaumaturge
Savage Wildrhymer Seer Beastmaster Hunter Wanderer Shepherd Itinerant Scout Geomancer
Marauder Harbinger Mindstalker Pathfinder Swashbuckler Shadowdancer Holy Slayer Zealot Scout Spellblade
  Warlock Loremaster Hierophant Sorcerer Battlemage Sage Arcane Knight Thaumaturge Geomancer Spellblade