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Motare o Kōzi
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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire
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Motare o Kōzi is a location in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Background[edit | edit source]

An ancient jungle with even more ancient ruins within, Motare o Kozi is a place of wonder - and death. A Huana expedition sent here to secure the area has been destroyed by the jungle, as did the Vailian one that shadowed them, after the Huana scholar that discovered the existence of this Huana machine made the mistake of entering the wrong combination, awakening the jungle. The Vailians simply followed suit, killed as they tried to steal the golden disc from the ruin at the heart of the area. Baltia is the sole survivor of the attack - and even then, not for long.

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

  • This is a large area primarily composed of fighting the various emanations of the wild jungle.
  • The Rotted Lady and her tree, to the north-northwest.
  • The Rotted Lady's three delemgan daughers and their trees (northwest, south-southwest, east)
  • Baltia is near the entrance and can be recruited for your ship if you save her.
  • The ruin in the center contains the disk that's at the root of the problems. You can use Mechanics 4 to identify the workings of the mechanisms. The inscription gives a rough idea as of the machines function, but you need to find the correct parts to make it work. The parts are to the northeast, in the den of the corrupted tigers, and in the northwest, by the Rotted Lady / The Green Lady tree.
  • There are three souls around the ruins, revealing the fate of the Vailian expedition and info about the disc. If Xoti's in the party, she'll harvest these for her quest, The Lantern of Gaun, though only one entry will appear in the Journal.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The key to fixing this area is with the Rotted Lady, to the northwest, and her three delemgan daughters.

  • There are three corrupted trees around the grove: One to the northwest, one to the south-southwest, and one to the east. These are each tied to one of the Rotted Lady's three daughters.
    • You must interact with these without killing the enemies around it. Simply stealth up to the trees and interact with it.
    • You will get a scripted encounter. You can either use a druid character (e.g. Tekēhu) or the weapon The Spine of Thicket Green to drain the curruption from the trees. Or you may destroy the trees, which will make the Rotted Lady hostile.
    • Restoring the trees will make the daughters friendly, and they'll promise to help you in confronting their mother.
  • After restoring the daughters, you can talk to the Rotted Lady, in northwestern part of the ruins.
    • You can restore her and the grove if during the initial conversation you ask if it's possible to heal her.
      • If you have The Spine of Thicket Green you'll get the option to offer it as a way to cleanse the grove. She'll refer to it as her cousin's limb, and you get the option to have Tekehu talk to her (though nothing will come of it) whicn in turn gives you different set of lines for convincing her of her and the grove being corrupted. I.e. nothing of conequence, except flavour.
    • Use Diplomacy 8 or Alchemy 6.
    • She'll claim the grove is a green, healty, full of life, thing of beauty. Honesty will make her attack, while a Rational or [Lie]Benevolent reply will make her realize that her grove has fallen to corruption.
    • You can offer Tekehu or her cousin, The Spine of Thicket Green, as help, or offer to restore the adra pillar yourself. Then you start a scripted interaction where you can either destroy the tree or investigate, and heal, the corruption.
    • To heal the tree, you have three alternatives:
      • Whisper to the adra that is at its core and feed it soul essence to restore it.
      • Use the Spine of Thicket Green to drain the corruption.
      • Have a druid whisper to the tree and convince it to give up the corruption within. Here you will have to react to a presence within the tree, either embracing or rejecting the temptation of what the presence offers.
    • After driving the corrupting presence out of the tree, the Rotted Lady will turn into the Green Lady.
      • The Green Lady will bless you with nature's mark, identifying you as an ally of earth and nature.
Activating the disc
  • Once you place the parts, you need to activate the mechanism. You will be given four inscriptions to accompany the order:
    • Though their roots grow from Rikuhu's lightless bowels, their yield is a welcome reprieve. (Koiki fruit)
    • Our covenant to safeguard. Those petrified limbs are the health and safety of the Deadfire. (luminous adra)
    • Ngati gifted her chosen people with dominion over her dark and turbulent kingdom. (watershaping)
    • Our origin, our destination, our home. Wherever we go, she is the horizon. (Ukaizo)
  • The emerging image is not exactly a map, but an index of islands and coordinates organized in relation to each other. You recognize several of the cited locations as containing nothing but open water. Charting a path by this obsolete system now would be impossible. The word 'Ukaizo' stands out from the other named islands. You gain the Huana Chart, which will be instrumental in finding Ukaizo. If destroy the disk and tell Prince Aruihi, you will suffer a Major reputation loss with the Huana.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Loot[edit | edit source]