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Modding[edit | edit source]

Quests[edit | edit source]

Building own quests the easy way: Use the flowchart program form Obsidian, which is not public. The hard way: write your xml by hand.

The Structure of Quests is externalised as xml files. To build valid xml files use the 2 xsd files quest.xsd and conversation.xsd and an xsd validator like this one

Quests are 2 parted. The Conversation with the Questgiver or an attached Gameobject (Item, NPC, …) and the Quest. The Conversation is saved in .conversation files in […]/game/PillarsOfEternity_Data/data/conversations. To each Conversation is a Stringtable file needed, which contains the texts for the NPC and your reactions. These are saved in […]/game/PillarsOfEternity_Data/data/localised/[language]/text/conversations. These Files are combined by the filename and the <NodeID> tag. Every state of the conversation displays the corresponding text from the stringtable file.

The other part are the Questfile itself. They are saved in .quest files in […]/game/PillarsOfEternity_Data/data/quests. The Text for the questlog is also saved in a stringtable file in […]/game/PillarsOfEternity_Data/data/localised/[language]/text/quests. They are combined by the same filename and also the <NodeID> tag, but its more complex. The questlog distincts between:

Text for Node ID in .stringtable
Quest Title 0
Quest Description 10000
Objective Title NodeID from .quest file
Objective Description NodeID from .quest file + 10000
Addendum AddendumnID from node from .quest file + 20000
End State Text EndStateID + 30000

That's the core. Now some basic questions.

How does the game start a quest?[edit | edit source]

With the script function StartQuest(String) in the OnEnterScripts Tag of a TalkNode.


           <FullName>Void StartQuest(String)</FullName>

How to set the Questgiver?[edit | edit source]

Therefor you need the Name of the ingame NPC. Option a: Open game console and enter FindCharacter <name> Obtion b: Use IE Mod, open game console, open object browser with tt, navigate to top and find the name NPC_xxxxx

You need the name for this block in the conversation file. The Guid could be any valid Guid (0-9a-f, grouped 8-4-4-4-12) but it must be the same in all <SpeakerGuid> tags in the conversation file or PoE can not find the character which should say the Content of the Talknode.


How to advance the Quest?[edit | edit source]

Call one of TriggerQuestAddendum, TriggerQuestEndState (to go to the next state), TriggerTalkEvent and maybe others. [Documentation needed]


           <FullName>Void TriggerQuestAddendum(String, Int32)</FullName>

How to remember certain things?[edit | edit source]

Call SetGlobalValue(String, Int32) with parameter 'variable name' and 'value'.

           <FullName>Void SetGlobalValue(String, Int32)</FullName>

What can I do besides display text?[edit | edit source]

You can call all methods in the Scripts class, and check all states with all methods in the Conditionals class. [Documentation needed]

How to let a party member interact with the conversation?[edit | edit source]

With a CharacterMapping entry for the companion he could be referenced in a talk node as speaker. For the companion names and guid see the documentation in the conversation.xsd file.

TODO is it possible to use Hirelings as Speaker?