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Mapping the Archipelago: Tikawara

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Mapping the Archipelago: Tikawara
PE2 Sanza.png
Side quest
Quest region 
Deadfire - Southeast
Quest giver 
Experience gained
Total XP
XP type
XP level
Outcomes & Rewards
Complete the survey
  • Copper pands (cp)2,500
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Quest ID

Mapping the Archipelago: Tikawara is a quest in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Sanza, the excitable cartographer in Queen's Berth, wants to compile a complete guide to the islands of the Deadfire, but he can't do it on his own. He asks the Watcher to do it.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Journal[edit | edit source]

ID Objectives
0 Mapping the Archipelago: Tikawara
10000 Sanza, the excitable cartographer I met in Queen's Berth, wants to compile a complete guide to the islands of the Deadfire, but he can't do it on his own.

I've made some progress, but there's still a lot to explore.

1 Explore the islands around Tikawara.
10001 Sanza, the cartographer in Queen's Berth, asked me to make a survey of the uncharted islands of the Deadfire Archipelago.

This time, he pointed me toward the islands surrounding the Huana village of Tikawara. He makes claim of three islands forming a rough approximation of a triangle around Tikawara.

20000 Upon a swampy island just southeast of Neketaka, I found a crypt infested with hostile vessels.
20001 South of Tikawara, I discovered a strange ruin dedicated to Wael, god of secrets.
20002 East of Tikawara, I found an Engwithan ruin, dedicated to the goddess Woedica.
2 Return to Sanza.
10002 I have finished surveying the region around Tikawara, and can return to Sanza at his shop in Queen's Berth in Neketaka for my reward.
End states
No 30000 Someone critical to the completion of this quest has been killed
Yes 30001 I gave Sanza my information on the islands around Tikawara, and claimed my reward.