Mail armor

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Mail armor
Item Type Medium Armor
Base DR 9
Elemental DR Burn: 9
Freeze: 9
Shock: 9
Corrode: 9
Slash: 14
Pierce: 9
Crush: 5
Recovery Speed -45%
Value 40cp

Mail armor is a type of armor in Pillars of Eternity.

Ingame description[edit | edit source]

Mail armor is quite popular for its protective qualities, especially against slashing attacks. Mail is comprised of thousands of small rings of steel that form a flexible mesh. Normally worn over a padded jacket, mail protects well but restricts its wearer in combat.

Types of Mail Armor[edit | edit source]

Image Name Damage Threshold Enhancements Location
Mail armor icon.png Mail Armor 9
  • None
Base Mail Armor
Mail armor fine icon.png Fine Mail Armor 11
Mail armor exceptional icon.png Exceptional Mail Armor 13
  • +4 DR
Mail armor sun touched mail of hyran rath icon.png Sun-Touched Mail of Hyran Rath 9 Parable of Wael reward
Mail armor wurmwull icon.png Wurmwull 11 Sold by Azzuro
Mail armor lost meadow mail icon.png Lost Meadow Mail 13 Sold by Derwn in Hearthsong Market
Mail armor hunters mail icon.png Hunter's Mail 11 Found at a corpse in Mowrghek Îen [WM2]