Maia Rua

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Maia Rua
Portrait maia lg.png
Biography and appearance
Game Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire
Race Island aumaua
Gender Female
Culture Rauatai
Background Marksman
Faction Royal Deadfire Company
Level 1
Location Kahanga Palace in the Serpent's Crown area of Neketaka
Quests The Courier's Calling
Companion Permanent
Body Sharpshooter's Garb
Weapon Set 1 Arquebus
Weapon Set 2 Sword
Internal Name
GUID be9353b2-41df-45ab-a05b-2b9f44ad2309

Maia Rua is a female aumaua ranger, and a recruitable companion in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

A composed aumaua stands at attention, her furrowed brow cleaving down otherwise warm features. By her feet, a colorful bird preens itself without concern. Maia is an officer of the Rauataian navy, currently under the command of Hazanui Karū and working for the Royal Deadfire Company. Unfortunately, that means that she spends more time protecting diplomats and mingling with the snakes from the Republics, something she and Ishiza absolutely detest.

For Maia, the campaign in the Deadfire is a sort of homecoming, as the senior Ruas emigrated from the Deadfire to Rauatai, catching the ranga nui's eye with their unique talents. As honored guests, her family was one of the few Huana to rise to prominence, although there were moments when the cultural differences came to the fore - such as when the ranga nui's guests checked under the table to see if Maia had a tail. Still, growing up in the ranga nui's shadow wasn't a bad thing overall. Maia and her siblings had excellent tutors and advisors at their disposal while mingling with many strange and exotic folk. She is the sister of Kana Rua and loves her big brother dearly. However, she hates it whenever he waxes poetic, as his deep bass voice is distracting to her sensitive ears.

Maia herself chose a military career and learning to shoot, while her siblings pursued more academic goals. In fact, that's how she met Ishiza. After winning a royal shooting competition, she received freedom of the royal aerie to choose any of the war birds there. Ishiza wound up as her feathered partner after he kicked a hawk off her arm, just to have her all to herself. Since then, she has served in the Rauataian Navy with distinction, under a variety of officers and banners. Her first kill was a pirate captain, made in the middle of the most impossible conditions which cemented her reputation in marksmanship.

Her latest posting with the RDC benefits from her accumulated military experience and loyalty to her adopted homeland. Grand Secretary Atsura plans to use that loyalty to further the Rauataian goal of occupying the Deadfire, using her skills as a sharpshooter to eliminate priority targets - or aid other operatives in preparing their own operations.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

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The Courier's Calling

Companion[edit | edit source]


The class options available to Maia are Ranger, Scout (Ranger/Rogue), and Geomancer (Ranger/Wizard). She has a unique Ranger subclass, Gunhawk:

  • Gunhawks are a type of ranger unique to Rauatai who use hawk companions to complement their sharpshooting skills.
    • +20% Range with Arquebus / Blunderbuss / Hand Mortar / Pistol attacks, 80% chance to Interrupt target with Arquebus, Hand Mortar, and Pistol attacks, 20% chance to interrupt target with Blunderbuss attacks
    • The Bird Companion ability allows Maia to summon Ishiza. Ishiza's special ability gives him immunity to Engagement.
  • Maia is a staunch Rauataian patriot.
  • Maia likes:
    • Dutiful: Admires people who take responsibility and don't shirk the tasks presented to them.
    • Lighthearted: Appreciates jokes and levity in life, even in the darkest of circumstances.
    • Provincial: Finds rural and provincial expressions and ways of life charming and endearing.
    • Pro-Rauatai: Maia supports Rauatai and the Royal Deadfire company.
    • Resourcefulness: Respects those who are independent and resourceful.
  • Maia dislikes:
    • Animal Cruelty: Has a negative reaction to people who are cruel or callous toward animals.
    • Pro-Huana: Dislikes and opposes the native Huana of the Deadfire Archipelago.
  • As can be expected, Maia and Pallegina lock horns over their differing political affiliations, and she will not get along well with Tekehu due to his Huana affiliation and irresponsibility, but this is offset by her Dutiful character trait, which usually endears her to Pallegina and Aloth and others.

Quests[edit | edit source]

  • The Courier's Calling: Maia was entrusted by Grand Secretary Atsura with missives to deliver to RDC agents across Deadfire and asks you to help her in that endeavor. After she delivers the missives, she continues with her own mission from Atsura. Your reaction to her feelings on the matter affects her ending.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

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