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Magran's Fires

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The Magran's Fires menu.

Magran's Fires are optional challenges you can select when starting a new game in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire (by clicking the head at the bottom of the main menu). These generally make the game more difficult and are aimed at veteran players or those looking to replicate the achievement-related challenges found in Pillars of Eternity and The White March - Part I + The White March - Part II.

List[edit | edit source]

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Name Effect
MF Misc Triple Crown.png
Triple Crown
  • Expert Mode, Trial of Iron, Path of the Damned
  • Level Scaling (Only Scale Upwards)
MF Misc Solo.png
  • Cannot recruit companions, sidekicks, or adventurers.

God challenges[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Effect
MF Eothas.png Eothas' Challenge
  • Complete each critical path quest by specific dates or the game ends.
MF Galawain.png Galawain's Challenge
  • Beasts gain random powerful effects.
MF Berath.png Berath's Challenge
  • Any party member Knocked Out for 10 seconds (Real-Time with Pause) or 3 rounds (Turn-Based) is Killed.
  • Cannot flee from combat.
MF Magran.png Magran's Challenge
  • The game cannot be paused.
  • In turn-based mode, party turns pass automatically after 10 sec.
  • The game time cannot be slowed.
MF Abydon.png Abydon's Challenge
  • Equipment will degrade over time and must be repaired via the Enchanting interface.
MF Skaen.png Skaen's Challenge
MF Ondra.png Ondra's Challenge
  • Storms in the Deadfire are numerous and more dangerous.
  • Ships in the Deadfire are more experienced and sail faster in pursuit.
MF Rymrgand.png Rymrgand's Challenge
  • Food items spoil after a certain amount of time.
MF Hylea.png Hylea's Challenge
  • Vela follows the Watcher and must be kept alive or the game ends.
MF Woedica.png Woedica's Challenge
  • Per Encounter resources become Per Rest
  • Party health no longer regenerates between combats.
  • While camping, only "Prepared Meals" will recover health, injuries, and resources.
MF Wael.png Wael's Challenge
  • Almost all numbers and stats are hidden (with the exception being item count, party character Attributes, Skill, and Level)
MF Ultimate.png The Ultimate
  • Requires Beast of Winter/Seeker Slayer Survivor/Forgotten Sanctum to enable.
  • Activates all challenges and disables cheats, mods, and Berath's Blessings.
  • Must defeat all major enemies and bosses in battle or the game ends.

Eothas' challenge dates[edit | edit source]

During Eothas' challenge, the player must complete the following quests before specific dates. These are always a set amount of days from the start of the game, noting that Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire begins on the 18th of Mid Spring (Majprima), 2828 AI, at hour 6/7. To assist, a timer is shown in the top right of the screen, and the date of completion is shown in the journal. The hour of completion is always hour 6.

Quest Days to complete Completion date
To Hunt a God 5 days 3 Deep Spring (Fonprima), 2828 AI
The Veins of Eora 30 days 8 Late Spring (Tarprima), 2828 AI
A Distant Light 30 days 8 Late Spring (Tarprima), 2828 AI
He Waits in Fire 55 days 10 Early Summer (Préëstu), 2828 AI
The Coming Storm 80 days 15 Mid Summer (Majestu), 2828 AI
The City Lost to Time 80 days 15 Mid Summer (Majestu), 2828 AI

Galawain's challenge effects[edit | edit source]

While Galawain's Challenge is active all enemy Beasts gain one of the following effects at random:

Name Effects
Accelerated +35% Action Speed
  • Attack Targets (when scoring a hit with an attack): 0.8m Push
  • Self: Attacks Interrupt with weapons
Exalted Brilliant, Courageous, Energized, Intuitive, Robust, Swift
Hardened +1 Armor Rating, +25 Max Health
Prowling Invisible (reapplies on kill)
Reflecting Deal 30% of incoming damage as Raw Damage to attackers
Unstoppable Immune to Might Afflictions, Dexterity Afflictions, Constitution Afflictions, Intellect Afflictions, Perception Afflictions, Resolve Afflictions, Cannot be interrupted
Vampiric 50% of incoming damage converted to healing
Vengeful +3 All Power Levels
Volatile AoE (on unconcious/death): 37-48 Burn in 8m radius.

Rymrgand's challenge spoil times[edit | edit source]

Food and drink items spoil after a certain amount of time (after being added to the stash). Keep in mind that 1 day in-game is 27 hours, and that the game speed is 24x real time (1 hour in-game takes 2.5 minutes in real time).

Spoil time Food and drink items
In-game Real time
378 hours
(14 days)
15 hours,
45 minutes
189 hours
(7 days)
7 hours,
52 minutes,
30 seconds
81 hours
(3 days)
3 hours,
22 minutes,
30 seconds
27 hours
(1 day)
1 hour,
7 minutes,
30 seconds

The Ultimate[edit | edit source]

The Ultimate challenge was added in patch 6.1 ( It enables all other God Challenges, Trial of Iron, Path of the Damned, and Solo mode all at once, making the game extremely difficult. As with the other challenges, it also disables console commands/cheats, and mods. The challenge and its objectives are tracked with a quest that is added to the journal upon starting a new game. The challenge itself involves killing a number of Mega Bosses and powerful enemies encountered throughout the course of the game and its expansions.

Being one of the first 12 players to complete the challenge it would earn the player a spot on The Ultimate "Roll of Honor", a physical plaque in Obsidian's studio lobby that would immortalize their achievement. In addition, the first 50 players would be sent a special Josh Sawyer patch to celebrate.

Submission guidelines
The Ultimate Challenge Submission Guidelines and Terms

In order to streamline the review and vetting process, please read the following submission guidelines and terms:

  1. Cheating, including save-scumming, use of third-party tools or mods, and/or doing anything in a manner contrary to the spirit of the challenge is prohibited.
  2. Console commands that do not require the "iroll20s" command be enabled are allowed.
  3. Submissions must include a video of the entirety of your run and a save file of the run completed.
  4. We reserve the right to disqualify a submission without notice or explanation.

If you have completed the challenge and wish to send it in for review and judgment, please send the following evidence to

  • We require full video evidence of your run - acceptable forms of video include: YouTube playlist links, or direct download links via Dropbox.
  • We also require the save game file with the completed challenge.

From Update #61 - Patch Update 5.0 - The Return of the Ultimate

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The timing on Berath's Challenge used to be 6 seconds before the party member was killed. This was extended to 10 seconds in a later patch.
  • In the Solo challenge, recruited companions/sidekicks will still be present on your ship and will participate in boarding-party fights. However, they will all be level 1 (because the game doesn't level them up until the first time they join the active party, which they can't do), making them not very helpful.

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