Lost Periapt of the Winding Path

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Lost Periapt of the Winding Path [WM2]
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Equipment slot
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910 Copper pands (cp)
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Lost Periapt of the Winding Path is an amulet in Pillars of Eternity, added in The White March - Part II expansion.

Description[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.
The Followers of the Winding Path believe in enlightenment through encumbrance and perseverance. One of their more peculiar traditions dictates that they must endure grit and gravel in their sandals until it falls out on its own. However, if a pebble remains in a monk's sandal for a full thirty-seven days, then it is then considered blessed, and the Follower must remove it and wear it as a charm. Thus, the most well-traveled of the order are bedecked with amulets, bracelets, belts, and headbands woven with the burdens they have picked up on their journeys.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]