Lost Dues in Good Faith

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Lost Dues in Good Faith
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Side quest
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Outcomes & Rewards
Condemn Oswald
Save Oswald

Lost Dues in Good Faith is a quest in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Kahn asks you to help her find Oswald, an old elf who owes her 5,000 coppers. Oswald favored Aenalys, one of the courtesans on the second level of the Wild Mare.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to Kahn to get the rundown of the quest, then head upstairs and talk to Aenalys. She will deny knowing him and try to kick him out. You can use Diplomacy 4, Streetwise 3, or Insight 4 to make her spill the beans (or pay 250 cp). She will explain that Oswald was quite sentimental and visited her to listen to old epics in Eld Aedyran. However, he started behaving like a paranoiac in recent days and eventually gave her his journal for safekeeping, then disappeared. She will direct you to her Armoire.
  • Otherwise, you need to break into her armoire and pilfer it for himself, then return to Kahn to read through it. She will wonder where they've taken. You can prod her memory with Survival 4 or a Deadfire origin. She will eventually mention a weird old temple in the Karatapu Channel to the southwest of Neketaka. Head to the Oathbinder's Sanctum by ship.
  • You will come across a group of Woedicans accusing Oswald of oath breaking. You can fight and save Oswald, or let him die.
    • If you save Oswald, and have 6 Diplomacy or 5 Intimidation, he will give you a unique ring, Drunkard's Regret that saves you from hangovers if you drink while wearing it. He will also offer to join your crew.
    • If you let him die, Kahn will be nonplussed about the whole affair, but all she cares about is the 5000 coppers. You can lie to her and give her 3000 cp (or 4000 if you didn't arrange for a bigger cut) and she'll leave happy. Otherwise, she'll be annoyed, deeply, and storm off, leaving the Archipelago.
    • If you let him die you can loot Drunkard's Regret from his body. Then if you tell her he was broke she will cry and storm out of the pub.

Alternative[edit | edit source]

If you went to Oathbinder's Sanctum prior to talking to Kahn and getting the quest, the following interaction will occur if you talk to her:

  • She asks if you're the captain with the "ancient Aedyran elf on your crew", claiming that he owes her money and that it's your responsibility as his captain to pay his debts. He owes her 5000 cp.
  • With Diplomacy 6 you can negotiate it down to half the amount (2500 cp).
  • She takes the money, tell you that she's sorry that Oswald dragged you into this though glad that you've given him honest work, and leave.
  • You gain no XP, and lose either 2500 cp or 5000 cp.