Lair of the Eyeless

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Lair of the Eyeless [WM2]
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Main quest
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The Rising Tide
The Forgotten Army

Lair of the Eyeless is a main quest in Pillars of Eternity: The White March - Part II.

The quest is automatically obtained after completing The Rising Tide.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

After reforging the recovered piece of Abydon's hammer into a hammer of your own, Ondra has instructed you to go to Cayron's Scar. There your must enter a large fragment of the Ionni Brathr, the crashed moon, in order to stop the Eyeless in their quest to destroy the Dyrwood.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Go to the White Forge.
  • Forge a hammer from the fragment of Abydon's Hammer.
  • Talk to the people of Stalwart and its surrounding area.
  • Depending on your choices during the White March, you will have a number of allies in the coming battle:
  • The conversation decides which of them will be available to you, and you'll get abilities usable in Cayron's Scar to call for backup from them. Very handy if you're on higher difficulties.
  • Go to Cayron's Scar.
  • Make your way to the Large Fragment of Ionni Brathr, and enter it.
  • Make your way through the cavern. You'll be stopped for a conversation with Ondra not long after entering.
  • Continue forward.
    Note: There will be another pool, into which you can send someone to dive. There will be loot there, and passing a Constitution 17 check will allow you to take it without losing endurance. Unfortunately, this will attract a group of Lagufaeths. If you have Athletics 13, you can out swim them, but they will still follow you to the surface and will initiate a fight. If you have Stealth 10, however, you can avoid the fight entirely. Failing both checks will result in both getting an injury and having to fight.
  • Interact with the cliff face, and go down into the small lake. You will not be able to go back up from this lake, so make a save before entering, if you want to try the ending with different party compositions, as the possible endings will depend on which party members you have with you, as their decisions during their companion quests will contribute to the arguments you make.
  • Kill the Kraken.
  • Interact with the crystal, deciding who will be left to hit it. Whomever strikes the crystal will be ignored by the Eyeless. Devil of Caroc is a natural candidate, as she doesn't feel cold and doesn't need air, so she'll just casually walk out (though the murk does get in the way of a pleasant stroll). Otherwise, you can sacrifice an ogre in place of a companion with Beregan's Battle Horn if you sided with Matron Beregan and accepted her aid, use Iverra's Diving Helmet (the helmet must be in your inventory and not equipped. The main character will pass the helmet to the chosen companion), have 19 constitution (Eder with Gridle of Eoten Constitution works), or have released the Pargrunen souls at the White Forge to avoid drowning (they will possess the lagufaeth in the depths and hurry your drowning party member to the surface).

Ending[edit | edit source]

  • After the moon is gone, the Eyeless' souls will gather and decide to have a final talk with you, accusing you of consigning them to oblivion. You will be able to learn about their history with the Engwithans and use Perception 14 to point out that the destruction of memory upsets them. The Eyeless believe that people cut off from their history will wither - and deserve no less. Ultimately, they will decide that they need to return to themselves and restore Abydon.
  • Your decisions so far in the game, and which directions you steered your companions will have an impact on the ending and your ability to persuade them. You will have two base choices (1, 2), and a third (3) if you can provide convincing evidence for your statements.
    • Ask them not to reforge Abydon.
    • Let them reforge Abydon with the memory of Ondra betraying him.
    • Convince them to reforge Abydon, but a tempered version, where his memories are restored but given context beyond what he remembered at his death. There are three convictions on which you need to provide at least two examples to convince them: The burden of memory, the burden of legacy, and conflict between the gods.

Tempering Abydon[edit | edit source]

  • To provide him with context, you need to convince the Eyeless on three counts:
  1. That memory can be a burden,
  2. that history doesn't always serve progress or provide a good example,
  3. that and that some knowledge should be forgotten due to the inherent danger it poses.
  • To convince them, you need to present six arguments (two per category). These depend on your choices throughout the storyline (so save before climbing down to face the Kraken).
    • To convince them that history can be a hazard, rather than a benefit, you can bring up the Pargrunen, the strife between Dyrwood and Eir Glanfath, the Iron Flail, and the Devil of Caroc (if you resolved her quest). Each example needs to backed up with an explanation as to how history and obsession over legacy can go wrong.
      • For the Pargrunen, it's pointing out how their legacy and marvels they created eventually tore them apart.
      • For Readcerans and Dyrwood, it's the fact that experience of history is subjective and whatever common ties they have pale when you consider the fact that kith consider what is immediate and recent over what's in the past.
      • For the Devil of Caroc, it's how her memory of the past drove her to murder people.
      • If you have have Pallegina in your company and know about the plans to undercut the Dyrwood, you can bring it up.
  • Arguments about the burden of memory allow you to bring up Maneha, Zahua, and yourself.
    • For yourself, you can argue that moving on is in itself development and growth - that some questions cannot be resolved.
    • They will also accept Maneha's argument if she chose to forget.
    • Zahua's arguments will actually serve the Eyeless' argument if you decided to keep his legacy low.
    • As Version 3.7.0, There is an exploit that they will accept Maneha's argument even if you didn't let her forget the past. And bug that always make Zahua's arguments fail to convince the Eyeless, no matter how many of legacy and persistence he has.
  • Dangerous knowledge includes the White Forge and animancy... And is quite tricky to achieve, as it depends on a great many factors.
    • Argue that the White Forge is too dangerous for mortal hands, this will be dismissed by the Eyeless if:
    • Argue that animancy is dangerous because mastery over souls would bring about stagnation with no further challenges before the kith.
      • This will fail if you convinced the duc to let animancy research continue unfettered in the Animancy hearings.
    • If you learned that Aloth is a member of the Leaden Key, you can also call upon him to explain why some secrets are best kept hidden away.
      • This will fail if, during your travels, you pushed Aloth to stand up for himself against authoritative figures such as his father and Thaos (Aloth's Autonomy value > Authority value).

Editing files[edit | edit source]

  • If you cannot succeed in the argument, then you'll have to edit the source files or cheat. This tutorial provides a handy guide on how to ensure success if you can consistently win 5/6 arguments, but the game refuses to budge.
  • 2018-06-08: Follow the first post in regards to the file pathing, then Look for Skylock's post:

    You just need to change the parameters for the argument, nothing else. <string>n_abydon_arguments_won</string> <string>EqualTo</string> <string>3</string> <------This needs to be changed to 3 Don't bother doing anything else. It tells the game that you won 3 of the arguments needed to unlock the dialogue choice. I did it right before using the crystal, after talking with them for a bit and winning 1 argument normally, the option appeared. Just tested this and it worked fine for me.

    When you reload a save, look for an argument that you are sure that you will win, upon its success, the option to resurrect a tempered Abydon will present itself.

> The above statement to change the string value to 3 is wrong, It's 3 by default. Change the value to 1 and win one argument. The new choice will appear.

2019-4-27: The above statement reflects the number of arguments needed to win the argument. By default it is set at 3. Set it at 1 and you need to win only an argument.

20-May-2020: If you have no choice but to go the file edit path, then refer to Raptaur's post from the guide mentioned above.

Otherwise, here's a suggested script for convincing the Eyeless that they should restore a tempered version of Abydon:

⬤ Perhars Abydon was meant to forget his past. Some knowledge is too dangerous for this world.

● Kith shouldn't have anything as powerful as the White Forge.

  • That nearly ended with the destruction of Durgan's Battery and the deaths of thousands.

● Animancy has made no progress, yet it's responsible for wichts, the Baelreach incident, and the swindle of desperate families

  • I fear animancy's success more than its failure. A people with mastery over their own souls would leave nothing to chance. That's true stagnation.

⬤ You speak as if history were a guide. Yet it doesn't always provide a good example.

● The Pargrunen were obsessed with the past. They died in the keep they'd built to honor it.

  • And before you killed them, they nearly destroyed themselves arguing over the meaning of that legacy.

● Stalwart and the Iron Flail remained at odds even in the face of a bigger threat. All because of their history.

  • But the experience of history is subjective. People remember what feels immediate and personal. Just as you remember your own betrayal.

● The Devil's history has only perpetuated a cycle of bloodshed.

  • You talk about history in the abstract, but it's personal. The loss of one's history - home, family, community - is traumatic and transformative.

⬤ Memory remains a burden, even when the events and people it recalls are long gone. It's pain with no purpose.

● I'm Awakenend. I'm tormented by questions from a past life.

  • Sometimes, moving on is the way to move forward. Remaining stuck in the past is no progress.

● Maneha shouldn't have to suffer guilt over an act she committed in a past life.

An interesting note - Even though I chose to preserve Maneha's memory, during the argument with the Eyeless everybody acted as if she had forgotten her past.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the scripted event at the end of the quest, Godlike characters are suddenly able to wear the diving helmet as an option of escape, even though they aren't permitted to equip any helmets during the entire playthrough, save another scripted event with the Woedica Hood.