King Wingauro o Watūri I

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King Wingauro o Watūri I
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Biography and appearance
Game Beast of Winter
Race Island aumaua
Gender Male
Faction Huana
Location The Sunken Crown

King Wingauro o Watūri I is a character in Beast of Winter.

Background[edit | edit source]

King Wingauro was the ruler of Ukaizo at the height of its power, ruling over vast lands that reached the edges of the known world. He was a just and beloved ruler, assisted by a council of dedicated advisors. He had little to long for as a ruler and a father of seven children, the youngest — his first and only son, Edanke o Watūri III, named for his grandfather, and his grandfather's grandfather — barely days old when Thaos arrived at the shores of the great city. Bearing gifts and many promises, the Engwithan told the king that he and his soul shapers could allow him to commune with the gods, promising glory, strength, and growth, to let his empire persist through the centuries. Against his council, he permitted them to erect their contraption in the heart of the city, in a place worthy of the gods.

He hoped to make the Huana empire endless. To give them security. To leave behind an unmatched legacy.

Quite simply, he wanted to give his youngest the world.

So he listened and favored Thaos, even as he grew apart from his council. Rather than banish the Engwithans, he lavished gifts and aid upon them, until their structure was complete. Then... Then they activated the machine. Half the city's population was killed instantly as souls were ripped from their bodies, the other half fled or was killed as the newly born gods rampaged across it, consuming and destroying. Only the king lived - or at least, his soul, tormenting itself for an eternity in Rymrgand's domain, refusing to face the reality that his choices destroyed Ukaizo.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

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The Drowned Kingdom

Quests[edit | edit source]