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Biography and appearance
Game Seeker, Slayer, Survivor
Race Wood elf
Gender Female
Culture The Living Lands
Background Explorer
Personality Average
Level 18
Head Huana Guard Helm
Neck Strand of Favor
Body Legendary Hide Armor
Hands Firethrower's Gloves
Rings Ring of Overseeing
Ring of Minor Protection
Feet Pathfinder's Boots
Waist Nature's Embrace
Weapon The Spine of Thicket Green
Internal Name
GUID 325f6d62-203f-4d11-9c8b-58415b846e28

Keyleth is a character in Seeker, Slayer, Survivor.

Background[edit | edit source]

Keyleth was born in the Air Ashari village of Zephrah to two other half-elven druids, Korrin and Vilya. Ever since she was a little girl, she had a natural talent for transforming into beasts and for using magic.

Prior to the start of the Critical Role Season 1 campaign, when Keyleth was only five or six years old, Vilya had gone on the Aramenté to succeed Korrin as headmaster, but she never returned. Due to that, Keyleth became next in line. As such, she found herself groomed to become Korrin's successor, having to undergo endless training in the ways of her people, her people having very high expectations of her. Due to her sheltered life and homeschooling, Keyleth never really had any friends growing up.

When she came of age at age 20, Korrin sent Keyleth out into the world to follow in her parents' footsteps, to seek out the sister-tribes of the Ashari, establish respect and communication between the fellow headmasters, and become a strong leader for her people. Early in her journey, she found herself in the swamp town of Stilben, where she eventually met members of the group that would—herself included—eventually form the adventuring party that would become Vox Machina. They would later end up becoming her first and longest-lasting friends. She considers them all her family.

Keyleth is one of the party's main spellcasters. She often uses her Wild Shape abilities to turn into various creatures for battle, scouting, transportation, stealth, and many other purposes. She can control the elements and at times she uses these abilities to slow down enemies or buy time, but is also capable of using said powers to defend herself and others. Keyleth also possesses some knowledge of healing, as she can heal the wounds of her friends and she once managed to bring Grog out of his catatonic state.

Keyleth joined Vox Machina in order to help complete her Aramenté. While this has ultimately helped her out, she occasionally faces moral decisions that she probably would not have to make were she not part of the group.

Keyleth has expressed an interest in learning how to make potions, and has asked Shaun Gilmore about possibly starting up a workshop to teach people alchemy.

Her favorite animal form is a saber-toothed tiger, which Grog refers to as "Minxie". She first used that form as a way to help Grog intimidate somebody, pretending to be his pet tiger. She can also turn into a bear that closely resembles Trinket.

One of Keyleth's most famous lines is "I bury my shame" when she accidentally killed an innocent creature and attempted to hide the body.

Keyleth is still questioning her own sexuality as she not only returned Vax's affections when she confessed her love for him, but she's also had a fascination with his twin sister. As she mentions to Percy during Grog's rematch with Earthbreaker Groon, when Vex thinks of flashing Grog to "inspire" him and Keyleth responds in the affirmative, drawing an odd look from Percy, she says, "I have a thing for twins." But she herself is still new at relationships in general, and is still trying to figure things out about herself.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Quests[edit | edit source]

Easter Egg:[edit | edit source]

She is a reference to Keyleth, the Half Elf Druid of Vox Machina from the D&D web series Critical Role.

There is a free DLC including the voice pack voiced by Marisha Ray and photo of the character from the show.