Keepers of the Stone

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Keepers of the Stone
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Token in The Passage of the Six
Glanfathan tribe
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The Keepers of the Stone is one of the six Glanfathan tribes governing Twin Elms.

Background[edit | edit source]

They are the first and oldest of the tribes. When they first sailed to Eir Glanfath, they met the Builders, who gave them an adra cornerstone - and the words "A gift from the builders of civilization to the guardians of their legacy. May the guardians watch the door while the builders keep the key" - as a token of friendship. Many of the tribes, even among the six, look to the Keepers for guidance and leadership. Their long history grants them a place of honor in Glanfathan society, though it has also made them more conservative. Their numbers are spread throughout the Eir Glanfath, but they are reluctant to engage with outsiders and marry within the tribe.[1]

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