Kana Rua

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Kana Rua
Biography and appearance
Race Island aumaua
Gender Male
Culture Rauatai
Background Scholar
Class Chanter
Attributes Mig: 16 Con: 12 Dex: 9 Per: 14 Int: 17 Res: 10
Location Caed Nua
Quests Time and Tide
Companion Permanent

Kana Rua is an aumaua chanter and one of the recruitable companions in Pillars of Eternity.

He can be found outside of Caed Nua.

Background[edit | edit source]

A 31 years old, stocky aumaua with golden skin and short copper hair, Kana Rua hails from the northern lands of Rauatai, and is traveling the world in search of the ties that bind all cultures to a common past. The civilization of Engwith has become a recent focus for him, and his pursuit of answers has made him a target of Leaden Key agents.

Kana wants to learn more about the Engwithan civilization. The more he learns, the more he comes to wonder about the ethics of their choices and practices.

He has come to the Dyrwood in search of a sacred text, the Tanvii ora Toha, or Book of Virtues. After a long year’s search, he believes that he has tracked the text to a tablet within the buried ruins beneath the keep of Caed Nua. He is eager to explore the ruins.

Companion Quest[edit | edit source]

Kana Rua's personal quest is received by talking to him after completing The Old Watcher. It is resolved partway through The Endless Paths of Od Nua.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Kana Rua was written by Olivia Veras.
  • Before PoE 1.03, Kana had the following Attributes: Mig: 16 Con: 12 Dex: 9 Per: 14 Int: 17 Res: 10.
  • He is voiced by actor Patrick Seitz

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