Iron and Flame

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Iron and Flame [WM2]
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Iron and Flame is a quest in Pillars of Eternity: The White March - Part II.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Masca, an acolyte at the Temple of Abydon in Stalwart Village, wants the Watcher to complete a ritual that will bless her forge hammer and boost her abilities as a smith. Her current skill level is quite poor, and she's afraid she'll be kicked out of the temple if she doesn't show improvement soon. She asked for help with the ritual since she's unable to leave Stalwart.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Once you start the White March Part II main quest line, the Temple of Ondra in Stalwart Village is converted into a Temple of Abydon.

Inside, you'll find Masca among the acolytes. Talk to her, and she tells you about her poor performance as a smith (which is important for an acolyte of Abydon), and asks you to help her with a ritual that will allow her to supernaturally boost her skill. If you agree, she gives you her forge hammer and asks you to have it blessed at two holy shrines, as a prerequisite for the ritual.

The two shrines in question are both located back in the Dyrwood:

Shrine of Abydon Shrine of Magran
in the back of the Crucible Keep (in the First Fires district of Defiance Bay) just above the cross-roads in Magran's Fork
Iron and flame crucible keep.jpg Iron and flame shrine of magran.jpg

In both locations, simply click the shrine and choose the option to lay down the hammer to have it blessed.
At Magran's shrine, this can cause some blights or drakes to appear, so you'll have to kill them.

When you're done, return to Masca in Stalwart. Hand her the blessed hammer. Now your remaining dialog choices determine whether or not Masca is kicked out of the temple for using dishonest means to become a better smith, and how your reputation improves:

Option Outcome for Masca Reputation for you
Tell her not to perform the ritual ("Wait...") "You obviously love being part if this temple..." [Benevolent] allowed to stay Stalwart: Minor Positive × 2
"...will you be able to live with the knowledge..." [Passionate]
"...I suggest you do as I say" [Aggressive]
Watch as she performs the ritual "All errors can be reforged into lessons..." (requires Lore 2 or the Daily Affirmations of Focus and Efficiency) allowed to stay Stalwart: Minor Positive
"You must agree that Masca's..." (requires Diplomatic 2)
"Masca admires you...." (requires Benevolent 2)
"Masca's a worthless smith" [Cruel] kicked out of the temple none
Remain silent [Stoic]
"Leave me out of this"
"I have nothing left to say"

(The dialog options not listed in this table only loop the conversation.)

In all cases, Masca rewards you with The Unlabored Blade (a soulbound dagger), at the end.