Iron Flail Fort

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Iron Flail Fort
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The White March - Part II
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Iron Flail Fort is a location in The White March - Part II.

Background[edit | edit source]

This fortification belongs to the Iron Flail, an army from Readceras that's interested in taking over the Durgan's Battery and the White Forge by any means necessary. After the Watcher unlocks the Battery, they show up in force, clearing a swathe of trees and establishing their fort in their middle.

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

  • You enter the area from the southeast. Approaching the door will trigger a conversation where the Iron Flail soldier who will warn you away. The fort is locked and the surrounding areas are patrolled by Readcerans who drop minor loot. To gain access, you can:
    • Blast down the main gate, by way of a cannon barrage (requires Ready the Cannons to be completed).
    • Assault the main gate, using a battering ram (interact with the logs beside the draw bridge).
    • Climb over the north-western side gate, using Rope and Grappling Hook. Stealthy approach. It is best made at night, so that guards stay at their campfires, rather than move within the camp all the time. You need a character with 6 Stealth (standard play) or 10 Stealth (on high play) to avoid waking up the sleeping guard. High play is set when you begin the White March for players that are higher then the recommend level for the area and cannot be rest.
  • A pair of lovebirds waits at the cemetery to the northwest, providing some insight into the Flail's motives and goals. A Ring of Overseeing can be found in one of the nearby graves.
  • You can explore the Fort at your leisure after talking to Adaryc. It contains mostly containers with minor loot. However, a Ring of Searing Flames can be found on an anvil near the center of the fort.
Command post
  • This is a large, circular building where Adaryc is located. Once you talk him down or dispose of him, the grate in the center is used to talk to Stalwart's messengers.

Notable loot[edit | edit source]

Hidden Stashes/Objects[edit | edit source]

These require scouting mode to be enabled to see.