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Iron Flail is a faction in The White March - Part II. It is an army from Readceras, determined to seize the White Forge and driven by their leader's visions. They hail from a border region near Little Bend, one of the poorest parts of Readceras (and that's saying something).

Background[edit | edit source]

Commander Adaryc, a veteran of Saint's War, was proposed to lead other veterans of his unit in forming a tight-knit collective of fighting men, united not by a desire for coin, but by their duty to their fallen comrades, and to their countrymen.

Many of the Iron Flail's early engagements would be against less discerning mercenary companies, which Adaryc condemned as a particular danger to settlements along the Readceran border. In time, the Iron Flail's many victories, and Adaryc's seemingly dauntless will, would draw many more recruits into the fold. The Iron Flail soon had the backing of several prominent families, and was even rumored to have the blessing of Readceras' ruling powers.

The Iron Flail, following Adaryc's visions of a threatening army that was going to destroy Readceras, marched into White March and set up a fortress that gave Stalwart the impression he's interested in a hostile takeover.

Notable characters[edit | edit source]

  • Adaryc Cendamyr: A noble from an old Readceran family, currently the leader of the army.